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In the urge to become PM, Nitish stabbed BJP in the back and sat on Lalu's lap: Amit Shah in Purnia

Amit Shah said that Nitish is not in favour of any political ideology. Their only policy is that they should remain in power and the chair should remain somehow.

image source: hindustantimes

New Delhi: Union Home Minister Amit Shah fiercely targeted Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar at a rally in Purnia today. He said that Nitish Kumar is sitting in Lalu's lap after stabbing BJP in the back in the urge to become PM. He has no ideology. He has made his stand in favour of Jungle Raj clear by forming the government with the Rashtriya Janata Dal.

Amit Shah said that Nitish is not in favour of any political ideology. They can also leave socialism and sit with the Left. His only policy is that his chair and power should remain. But the prime minister cannot be made by crooked politics.

Lalu-Nitish pair cannot take Bihar forward: Amit Shah

Amit Shah said that the people of Bihar are watching everything. Narendra Modi's magic will work in 2024 as well. In 2025 also, the BJP government will be formed in the state. The pairing of Lalu and Nitish cannot take Bihar forward. He said that Lalu has always done the work of starting a fight. Amit Shah said that the people of the border area need not fear.

Lalu Ji worked for quarrel all his life - Shah

Amit Shah said- 'I have come here, then the pair of Lalu and Nitish is having pain in the stomach. They are saying that they have come to fight in Bihar, and they will do something. I don't need to start a fight, Lalu Ji, you are enough to start a fight, you have done the same thing all your life.'

Home Minister Shah said- 'We are in favour of politics of service and development instead of politics of selfishness and power. To become the Prime Minister, Nitish Babu sat in the lap of RJD and Congress by stabbing him in the back of the anti-Congress politics from which he was born.


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