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Income tax notice to AAP MLA Atishi, know what is the matter of 59 lakhs?

Atishi claimed that the notice was sent to scare her, but "we have come from different regions to change the politics of this country and are not afraid of these empty threats from the BJP".

NEW DELHI : Aam Aadmi Party's (AAP) MLA from Kalkaji, Atishi, said on Wednesday that the Income Tax Department has sent a notice to her regarding the 2020 election affidavit. She also attacked the BJP and the central government for "such hollow threats". AAP has also come out in her , terming the notice as "ridiculous", saying it has exposed the "anti-women and male-superiorist" face of the BJP.

Image Credit : NewsBytes

Notice from Income Tax

"I want to tell the Modi government - we will not be afraid of your threats," she said during a Press conference. The Modi government has used every agency to harass AAP leaders, but not even a single case has been prosecuted against AAP. An Income tax department notice has been sent to intimidate us.

I will fearlessly reply to the Income Tax Department- Atishi

Atishi said, 'I have nothing to hide. Wherever the Income Tax Department calls me, I will take all the details of my bank accounts. I want to challenge the BJP whether they are ready to make their bank account and property details public. Addressing the media, AAP spokesperson Saurabh Bhardwaj said that the notice has been served on the basis of Atishi's 2020 election affidavit in which she declared movable assets worth Rs 59 lakh in the form of FDs and mutual funds which she acquired before 2012.

Attack on BJP

It shows the anti-women and male-superior face of the BJP, she said. AAP believes this move is shameful and we condemn it. Quoting Bhardwaj, the party tweeted, 'Modi government sent Income Tax notice to Atishi. The notice is based on her election affidavit of 2020. She declared Rs 60 lakh in the form of FD (Fixed Deposit) and Mutual Fund. This is funny. She is one of the most educated professionals in politics.


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