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Action again in UP: Bulldozer ran near SP office in Lucknow, illegal flag-banner shops demolished

In Lucknow, the capital of UP, the municipal corporation has run a bulldozer on illegal occupations. The shops around the Samajwadi Party office in Lucknow have been razed by bulldozers. Most of the shops on which the bulldozers have run illegally used to sell flags, caps, pictures and stickers etc. of political parties.

New Delhi: Bulldozer action has been seen once again in Lucknow, the capital of Uttar Pradesh. On Wednesday, the district administration got the encroachment removed by running bulldozers on illegal flag-banner shops located in front of the headquarters of the Samajwadi Party located on Vikramaditya Marg in the capital Lucknow.

There has been a stir after this action of the Municipal Corporation. During the bulldozer action, there was a presence of the police along with the team of the municipal corporation.

Regarding the bulldozer action on these shops of flag banners and cap-stickers near the SP office, Municipal Corporation Commissioner Rajesh Singh says that for the last 4 months, notices were issued to the shopkeepers to remove the shops. But these people did not listen. After this notice of fine was also given, but still, people did not give up possession. After this, today bulldozer action has been taken on these illegal occupations.

In fact, in front of the SP office, there were shops selling flags-stickers and banners of political parties for many years. Now after this action of the Municipal Corporation, there is anger among the shopkeepers too.

In protest against this bulldozer action of the municipal corporation, a woman shopkeeper shaved her head and said that she would not keep her hair till she gets justice. The woman shopkeeper alleges that she did not get any notice. Her shop was closed for the last seven months. She used to live in it with her daughter. He says that there are illegal occupations of many people, where action has not been taken. At the same time, another shopkeeper said that he had received the notice two and a half months ago. But the bulldozer's action was not known. He said that he had taken away his belongings.


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