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Alwar temple case reaches High Court, petition filed against Rajasthan government

Alwar Temple Demolished: The Alwar temple case has reached the Rajasthan High Court. A petition (PIL) has been filed in the court on behalf of Advocate Amitosh Pareek against the state government.

New Delhi: Alwar Temple Demolished: The case of demolition of a 300-year-old Shiva temple in Sarai locality of Alwar district of Rajasthan seems to be gaining momentum. This matter has now reached the Rajasthan High Court from the road. In this case, a petition (PIL) has been filed by Advocate Amitosh Pareek in the Rajasthan High Court on Monday, in which Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot along with District Collector, Sub Divisional Magistrate, Executive Officer Municipality and others have been made the party.

Advocate Amitosh Pareek filed a petition

Advocate Amitosh Pareek told that in Rajgarh Alwar, under the guise of the master plan by the government in an unconstitutional and anti-law manner, the houses of the general public were demolished, shops of merchants and other temples along with the ancient Shiva temple, against which we have discussed Prakash Thakuria Vs State Government and a PIL has been filed against others.

Temples demolished in the name of the master plan

In the name of master plan in Rajgarh of Alwar district, bulldozers were started on ancient buildings and shops. The officials who took action also destroyed the temples in the name of development. Due to the action of the bulldozer, the main road of Rajgarh town was turned into a ruin. Buildings and shops were demolished without any compensation citing the master plan. The idols of the temple got ruined due to the action of the administration. During this, the 300-year-old Shivling, which was broken with the drill, was also broken. People allege that temples have been demolished under a conspiracy in the name of development.

BJP accuses Congress

There is a lot of rhetoric from both BJP and Congress on this matter. BJP's national spokesperson and MP Rajyavardhan Rathod targeted the state government over this issue and alleged that it is doing politics of appeasement for a particular community. He said, 'Politics of appeasement is happening... the difference is very clear, they only have to send a message to their vote bank.'

Congress retaliated

On the other hand, the Food and Civil Supplies Minister of Rajasthan Government Pratap Singh Khachariawas said that BJP should apologize to the whole country. Khachariyawas said, 'He has broken the temple in Rajgarh and he also lied by breaking the temple. Everyone has documentary evidence that their own board in the municipality made a proposal to this effect. Khachariyawas alleged that BJP is conspiring to cause riots in the entire state and wants to win the lost battle in Rajasthan by misusing social media.


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