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Amit Shah's rally in Akhilesh's stronghold: Said - Azamgarh was called a refuge of terrorism

Home Minister Amit Shah laid the foundation stone of the state university in Azamgarh on Saturday. After that he addressed the public meeting. Where he fiercely attacked the opposition parties.

image source: the print

New Delhi: Union Home Minister Amit Shah while addressing the public meeting said that today the foundation stone of the university is being laid in Azamgarh. The Azamgarh which was known worldwide as a haven of fundamentalist thinking and terrorism under the SP rule. Today the work of making the Dham of Mother Saraswati is going to be done on the same land of Azamgarh.

The Home Minister said that the BJP had said in its manifesto in 2017 that 10 new universities would be built. Today the work of setting up 10 universities has been completed. We had promised to build 40 medical colleges, and we have fulfilled this promise too.

'Earlier there was the rule of casteism, familism and appeasement'

In Uttar Pradesh, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has made many changes. Earlier, the rule of casteism, families and appeasement used to run here, everyone did not get justice. CM Yogi has worked to put a complete stop on casteism, families and appeasement.

Before 2017, Uttar Pradesh was the sixth economy of the country, today Uttar Pradesh is the second largest economy of the country. The GDP of the state was 10,90,000 crore, today work has been done to make it 21,31,000 crore.

Amit Shah said that the Yogi government has done the work of freeing Uttar Pradesh from mafia raj. Azamgarh is an example of this. People were migrating from Kairana. Girls are not able to get higher education. Today the mafia has left Uttar Pradesh. Now here is the rule of law.

Shah explained the meaning of JAM in BJP and SP.

Describing the meaning of JAM, the Home Minister said that in the BJP government, JAM means 'Jan Dhan Bank Account', 'A-Aadhaar Card', 'M- Mobile to Every Man'. Whereas JAM stands for , J - Jinnah, A - Azam Khan, M - Mukhtar Ansari in Samajwadi Party


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