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Amit Shah thundered in Kerala, said- 'Give us a chance, we will make the state safe and developed'

Union Home Minister Amit Shah hit out at the Congress, saying it joined hands with the Communist Party in Tripura, but here the two are fighting each other.

New Delhi: Thiruvananthapuram: Sounding the poll bugle for the 2024 Lok Sabha elections in Kerala, Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Sunday targeted the Pinarayi Vijayan-led Left government in the state and urged Left leaders to break their silence on the alleged 'Jeevan Mission' scam. Addressing a BJP rally here, Shah appealed to the people of Kerala to give Prime Minister Narendra Modi a chance. "We will make India and Kerala safe and developed," Shah said.

'Leftist Life Mission steeped in corruption'

The Union minister urged Vijayan to break his silence on the alleged 'Life Mission' scam and claimed that the people of Kerala would force the Left to answer about the gold smuggling scam in the Lok Sabha elections. Shah said, "The Left's 'Life Mission' is steeped in corruption. M Shivshankar, former Principal Secretary to the Chief Minister, was arrested in this case. I urge the Chief Minister to answer the people on this matter.

"Referring to the government's action against the Popular Front of India (PFI), Union Home Minister Shah said the organization was completely banned in the country. And thus helped Kerala get rid of violence. "The move was not welcomed by the Congress or the Left," he said.

'Congress joined hands with Communist Party in Tripura but here both are fighting with each other'

Union minister Shah hit out at the Congress, saying it had joined hands with the Communist Party in Tripura, but here the two are fighting each other. He said, “Senior Congress leaders are attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi, who has raised the image of the country worldwide.

I want to tell Rahul Gandhi that he can attack Modi ji as much as he wants or malign him as much as he wants, but I want to say that the lotus will continue to bloom." The BJP leader claimed that the Narendra Modi government Allocated over Rs 1,15,000 crore for projects in Kerala and asked the Left and Congress to tell the people of Kerala "what they did with that money".

'Both parties will not do good to the state'

Shah also targeted the parties over the recent fire at the Brahmapuram sewage treatment plant and said that both parties will not do any good to the state. He questioned, “It is not possible for the Left or Congress to develop Kerala.

So far, they haven't been able to extinguish it. What good can they do to Kerala?” He said the people of Kerala have given Congress and Communists (in the form of UDF and LDF) the opportunity to rule the state for a long time.


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