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Anil Deshmukh reaches High Court for bail in CBI case, hearing will be held on November 11

Anil Deshmukh has moved to the Bombay High Court after his bail was denied by the Special CBI Court under the Mumbai Sessions Court. The hearing is now on November 11.

New Delhi: Former Maharashtra Home Minister Anil Deshmukh has moved the Bombay High Court for bail in the CBI case. The matter will be heard on November 11. His bail application was rejected by the Special CBI Court under the Mumbai Sessions Court. This has been challenged by Anil Deshmukh in the Bombay High Court. What was the basis for bail in ED's money laundering case? Deshmukh has sought bail on the same basis. The petition was filed on behalf of Deshmukh in the Holiday Court on Wednesday.

Sharmila Deshmukh has asked the CBI to give its reply on this petition by 9 November. Now it is to be heard on November 11. Anil Deshmukh's bail plea was rejected by the Mumbai Sessions Court in the corruption case filed by the CBI. Anil Deshmukh has gone to the High Court against this decision. If he does not get bail here too, then the last option left to him will be the Supreme Court. At present, Deshmukh is waiting till November 11.

Deshmukh pleads, Waje's statement should not be given much importance

Anil Deshmukh says that on the basis of which his bail can be granted in the case related to ED of corruption, then why can't he get bail in the case of CBI on the same basis? At the same time, Deshmukh has also claimed in his petition that the Special CBI Court under the Mumbai Sessions Court has given too much importance to the statement of sacked police officer Sachin Waje, while he has been changing his statements. Keeping this in mind in the ED case, the High Court approved his bail application. But the special CBI court is giving too much importance to Waje's statement.

CBI has opposed Deshmukh's bail on this ground

The CBI had opposed the bail plea of ​​Anil Deshmukh, saying that Deshmukh had misused his position while being the Home Minister. This is a very serious matter. Hence they are not eligible for bail. The CBI had told the court that if Deshmukh was released because he was a public representative, he could tamper with the evidence and influence the witnesses. Not only this, they can also run away from the country taking advantage of their relations.

Enough evidence in the recovery case of 100 crores - CBI

It was also argued on behalf of the CBI that even though he was granted bail in the ED case, there is sufficient evidence against him in the CBI case, so his bail application should be rejected. This demand was made by Additional Solicitor General Anil Singh. Anil Singh told the court that Sachin Waje is not a co-accused but a pardoned witness. From the mobile chats between him and police officer Sanjay Patil, it is clear that Deshmukh was using police officers in the recovery case of 100 crores.


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