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Announcement of elections for 7750 gram panchayats of Maharashtra, voting on 18 December

The State Election Commission on Wednesday announced the elections for 7 thousand 750 gram panchayats of Maharashtra. Voting is to be held on December 18 and counting will be done on December 20.

New Delhi: After a long wait, the elections for 7 thousand 750 gram panchayats of Maharashtra were announced. The State Election Commission made this announcement. This is the first major election at the village level after the change of power in Maharashtra.

Polling for all gram panchayats is to be held on December 18. Counting will take place on December 20. The elections for the seven thousand seven hundred and fifty gram panchayats that have been announced include 475 gram panchayats in Kolhapur district. A voters list has also been released for this. The list till 31 May 2022 has been accepted.

In Kolhapur district, the tenure of 429-gram panchayats will end in the month of October, 1 in the month of November and 45 in the month of December. Administrators have been appointed here as soon as the term ends.

Announcement of the election of gram panchayats of these 12 talukas of Kolhapur

Of the 12 talukas of Kolhapur, where elections have been announced, there are 53 gram panchayats in Karvir, 26 in Kagal, 50 in Panhala and 49 in Shahuwadi. Apart from these, there are 39-gram panchayats in Hatkanangale, 17 in Shirol, 66 in Radhanagari, 21 in Gaganbavda, 34 in Gadhinglaj, 36 in Ajra, 44 in Bhudargad and 40 in Chandgad.

Elections to Gram Panchayats are fought on local issues

After the change of power in Maharashtra, this is going to be the first such big election at the village level. However, very local issues are raised in these elections. Elections are fought on the basis of those local issues.

In fact, in such elections, instead of the parties, the candidates' own image and contacts are useful, yet such elections are considered as a thermometer to understand the mind of the voters of the state and to understand the temperature of the atmosphere. In such a situation, it would be wrong to assume that any party will take this election lightly.

Not even a month has passed that before this election to 1065 gram panchayats were held. Among them, the ruling Shinde and the BJP faction had won only 352 seats. In this way it was clear that the farmers are not feeling enough as much as the government has done to provide relief to the farmers after the havoc of the returning monsoon.


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