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Artists from 8 countries will stage Ramlila in Ayodhya, this time Diwali will be even more special

CM Yogi Adityanath, who respected Lord Shri Ram's pride of Ayodhya as Deepotsav, gave a global platform to the artists of abroad to bring the ideals of Lord Ram to life, his Ramlila in Ramnagari.

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is coming to the Deepotsav of Ramnagari Ayodhya. This time Diwali is going to be even more special because this time Russian artists are staging Ram Leela on the occasion of Diwali.

Under the auspices of the Russian-Indian Friendship Association 'Disha', the Padma Shri Genadi Pechnikov Memorial Ramlila will be held on the Deepotsav stage of Ayodhya. A team of 12 artists will perform here. Ramlila's director and producer Dr. Rameshwar Singh told that since 1960, Ramlila is being done on a large scale in Russia.

Ramlila will be done by a team of 12 artists

Ramlila of Russia is the centre of faith for the theatre artists there. If the artists are to be believed, then they are growing continuously only by taking inspiration from the character of Ram. He has lived up to the ideals of Ram.

Ildar Khusnuleen will play the role of Mayarda Purushottam Sriram in Russo Ki Ramleela. Milana Bychonek will play the role of Mother Sita, Nadezhda Singh Kaushalya, Rati Kosinova Sumitra, Margarita Kosinova Banar, Gulnara Isakova Kaikeyi, Alexei Fleyjanikav Lakshmana, Vaychislav Chernyash will play the role of Ravana. Kushnerova will act as Daria Hanuman and Bharat, Danish Shevtsov as Dashrath and Artem Zubkov as Sugreev.

Co-director Aleksandra Koneva told that Sita Swayamvar in Ramlila of Russia, Rama's welcome to Ayodhya, Kaikeyi asking for a boon, Rama-Lakshman and Sita's exodus, Sita abduction, Ram Hanuman offering, Sita in Lanka, Hanuman ji going to Lanka, The actors will stage the Ram-Ravan war, the reunion of Ram-Sita and the return to Ayodhya.

Artists from 8 countries will perform Ramlila in Ramnagari

President of the Indo-Russian Friendship Association, Dr Rameshwar Singh told that the Yogi government gave him a platform in India. His first performance took place at Ayodhya Deepotsav in 2018 from 4 to 6 November.

After this in Prayagraj he got the stage to act in the 2019 Kumbh. Foreign artists have been performing Ramlila every year in the Deepotsav which started from 2017. This time also, artists from 8 countries will perform Ramlila in Ramnagari. Among them are artists from Russia, Sri Lanka, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Fiji, Nepal and Trinidad and Tobago.


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