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Arvind Kejriwal mocked 'The Kashmir Files' as a false picture, Kumar Vishwas retaliated

Kumar Vishwas has responded to Arvind Kejriwal's statement on making The Kashmir Files tax free.

image source: the financial express

Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal has given rise to a new controversy by giving a statement on the film 'The Kashmir Files'. On the demand of making the film tax free in Delhi, Arvind Kejriwal said in the Delhi Assembly that "if someone has to show the film, then what is the need to make it tax free, upload it on YouTube, everyone will see." He also termed the film as a false picture with a laugh.

The video of this statement of Arvind Kejriwal is becoming very viral on social media. One side is not tired of praising this statement of Kejriwal, while the other is slamming him and accusing him of insulting Kashmiri Pandits. Now on this statement of Kejriwal, poet Dr Kumar Vishwas, one of the founding members of the Aam Aadmi Party, has also reacted sharply.

Asked for a response by a user, Kumar Vishwas wrote on Twitter, "On the pain of exile in their own country and sponsored by milk babies, helpless women and peace-loving Kashmiri Pandits, for their petty political gains, only a vampire laughs." could. Who was doing that?" After this tweet of Kumar Vishwas, many users are also giving their feedback.

A user named Abha Singh Parihar wrote that "Don't waste your precious words on them, saying something to them will not change the reality. Their spoiled mentality is well known. A user named Anurag Goswami wrote that after winning two states, there is arrogance, which is visible to the public but falls short in front of the free.

A user named Anubhav wrote that "Don't make meaning of meaning by changing the reference Dr Saheb, you are a great scholar of Hindi. People are laughing at Kejriwal's comment on the exploits of Modi Ji and not Kashmiri Pandits." A user named Ayush Tiwari wrote that "Kumar Vishwas Ji, you are also leaning towards one political party, did not expect this from you at all."


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