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Barricading removed completely after 11 months at Ghazipur border, farmers' tents are still engaged

The road to Bahadurgarh was opened on Thursday. Earlier, the police had started removing barbed wire from the Ghazipur border.

image source: Hindustan Times

New Delhi: Barricading on National Highway 9 on Ghazipur border for 11 months has been completely removed by Delhi Police today. However, the farmers' platform and tents are still engaged in the lane. At the same time, amidst the removal of the barricading on the Tikri and Ghazipur border, the farmers have again warned of traveling to Delhi. The farmer leaders had warned that as soon as the road was opened, they would march to Delhi with a tractor. After this warning of the farmers, Delhi Police has become alert. After which the security has been increased even more.

Amidst the removal of barricading from Ghazipur border, farmers started protesting against agricultural laws on the road itself. The farmers were protesting on the way to remove the barricading. Meanwhile, the Delhi Police stopped the work of opening the way. After which the protesting farmers started returning to the stage. After leaving the barricading, some farmers reached the stage, while some farmers started playing kabaddi under the highway. After which there was an influx of people on the highway.

Farmers warned of entering to Delhi

In fact, farmers are warned to enter Delhi with a tractor. Taking the warnings of the farmers seriously, the police have increased the security there. Let us tell you that to open the emergency route, Delhi Police had started the work of removing barricading from Tikri and Ghazipur border. For the last several months, barricading was done due to the farmers' movement. Now the police are removing the barricades. In such a situation, the road coming from Ghaziabad to Delhi can open. But in the meantime, the farmers protesting against the agricultural laws started protesting on the road. After which the police have stopped the work of opening the way for the time being.

Delhi Police increased security at the border

On Thursday night itself, the police had said to open the emergency route by removing the barricading from the Tikri border. The road to Bahadurgarh was opened on Thursday. The police had started removing barbed wire from the Ghazipur border. After this, the barricading was started to be removed from the Tikri border on Thursday night. The police have also removed the barricading at the place of farmers' dharna on Ghazipur border near Delhi's border. After the order was issued by the government, the work of removing the barricading was started. But the farmers are again warning of traveling to Delhi.


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