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Bigotry is increasing in the name of constitution and religious freedom: RSS

The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh has also mentioned in the report, especially in West Bengal, after the results of the assembly elections, riots and violence in many places and the atmosphere arising out of it.

New Delhi: The Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) has said that a particular community is planning to enter the government machinery, while bigotry is increasing in the name of constitution and religious freedom in the country. This was stated by the RSS in its 2022 annual report released on Saturday (March 12, 2022).

According to it, there is "increasing religious fanaticism" in the country under the guise of "constitution and religious freedom" and "an elaborate plan to enter the government machinery on behalf of a particular community". It has appealed to "make every effort with organised force" to "defeat this menace". The annual report of the Sangh was presented at a meeting of the RSS in Ahmedabad city of Gujarat.

It further says that the formidable form of growing religious fanaticism in the country has raised its head again in many places. The brutal killings of activists of Hindu organisations in Kerala and Karnataka are an example of this menace. Communal frenzy, rallies, demonstrations, violation of social discipline under the guise of the Constitution, dastardly acts exposing customs and traditions and religious freedom are on the rise.

Recommending this as a conspiracy with long-term goals, the report also says, “There appear to be elaborate schemes to enter the government machinery on behalf of a particular community. Behind all this there seems to be a deep conspiracy at work with a long-term goal. Preparations are being made to adopt any route to accede to their demands on the strength of numbers."

By the way, this report of RSS has come at a time when protests by Muslim girl students in Karnataka for their right to wear hijab in schools and colleges are still going on. There is growing concern within the RSS about the growing influence of the Popular Front of India (PFI) on university campuses.

However, the Sangh has not been actively involved in the issue. He believes that the matter should have been handled locally. Senior Sangh leaders have flagged the controversy as evidence of the PFI's ambition through its claim of religious identity.


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