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Bike taxis of Ola, Uber and Rapido will not run in Delhi, Supreme Court bans

Bike Taxi News: Cab aggregator companies were allowed to provide bike service. Against whom the Delhi government had filed a petition in the Supreme Court. In February 2023, the Delhi government banned the bike service of cab aggregator companies like Ola-Uber and Rapido.

New Delhi: Cab aggregator companies have received a jolt from the Supreme Court while hearing the state government's petition demanding a ban on the bike service of companies like Ola, Uber and Rapido in Delhi. Bike taxis will not ply in Delhi on the order of the Supreme Court. The Supreme Court has stayed the interim order of the Delhi High Court.

During the hearing of the case in the Supreme Court, the counsel for Uber said that since 2019, two-wheelers are being used for bike service in many states, there is no restriction on this under the Motor Vehicle Act. Uber's lawyer said that according to a notification from the central government, the two-wheeler can be used for commercial use.

On this, the Supreme Court asked whether insurance is given if the vehicle collides with someone or an accident happens. Uber's lawyer said that Uber provides third-party insurance, more than 35 thousand drives, and their livelihood depends on it.

Uber's lawyer said that there is no policy for the Delhi government for 4 years, we should be given relief till the Delhi government is allowed to make a policy.


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