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BJP's slogan 'Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas' will reach different parts of the world

BJP President JP Nadda held a meeting with the ambassador of 7 countries at the party headquarter on Saturday. The BJP President is meeting the ambassadors of different countries under the 'Know BJP' campaign.

New Delhi: BJP President JP Nadda held a meeting with the ambassadors of 7 countries for about one and a half hours on Saturday at the party headquarters in Delhi. Overseas BJP in-charge Vijay Chauthaiwale said the party aims to meet with ambassadors of at least 150 countries. In the same process, ambassadors of 7 countries came here in the third round of meeting on Saturday. BJP had invited ambassadors of 9 countries but ambassadors of 2 countries could not attend this meeting.

150 countries will know the ideology of the BJP

BJP President JP Nadda not only gave information about the organization to all the ambassadors but how the party works, how is the organization of BJP from booth level to Mandal, district and state level as well as national level, how it works. The ambassadors were apprised of the procedure.

Ambassadors asked many questions to BJP

The Ambassador of Russia, starting his talk in Hindi, referred to the old India-Russia relations and talked about starting the process of meeting between the two countries at the party level as well. At the same time, an ambassador asked BJP President JP Nadda the question that after all, what is the condition of the BJP in South India and what is going on. Many ambassadors were also curious to know how such a big party works. Which has more than 10 lakh members and how does the party president run it.

Ambassadors of 34 countries have arrived so far

Vijay Chauthaiwale says that all the ambassadors were informed about the party's history, party's ideology, party's policies... all these things. In three different phases so far, ambassadors of 34 countries have come to the BJP Head Quarters. Ambassadors of 34 countries have held a meeting with party president JP Nadda. The party will organize similar meetings in future also.

'Everybody's company will help in everybody's growth'

In fact, BJP wants to tell the world that the label of the ideology of fanatic Hindutva on the party is not right. The BJP has also been accused of minorities. BJP wants to make the whole world aware of its real ideology of development. This is the reason why the party is telling its ideology to all the countries one by one. The BJP is trying to give a message that the party is a party that takes all the people. The BJP government works with 'Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas'.


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