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Bulldozer's speed increased in UP, so far action has been taken in so many districts

Bulldozer has become a new synonym for fear for the mafia-rogues in UP. Bulldozer's campaign has started again after BJP's bumper victory in UP.

Lucknow: After the victory in the UP assembly elections, the bulldozer campaign has started again against the mafia and miscreants. After the bumper victory of BJP in the elections, till now illegal properties have been demolished by bulldozers in 9 cities. The fear among the mafia has increased due to the bulldozer campaign of the administration.

The campaign has started in 9 districts

According to administrative sources, Yogi Baba's bulldozer has run on properties worth crores in Ghaziabad, Shamli, Jaunpur, Deoband, Bahraich, Prayagraj, Deoria, Noida and Amroha since the election results were out. In Site 4 of Vasundhara Zone, a mafia had occupied 7084 thousand square meters of municipal land and built a banquet hall, which was worth Rs 85 crore. The officers demolished it by running a bulldozer.

Bulldozers run on meat shops

In the Kairana area of ​​Shamli, the administration got the illegal construction demolished by running a bulldozer. In Bahalolpur village of Sector 63 in Noida, the administration destroyed meat shops by running bulldozers on the complaints of the people.

Illegal construction removed from government land

Baba's bulldozer ran at the reputed jewellers' shop in Jaunpur city. In Kanpur village of the district also, the administration got bulldozers started on illegal construction. The administration's bulldozer ran on those who encroached on government land. In Bahraich too, the administration ran a bulldozer on illegal construction. Following the order of the court, the administration demolished more than half a dozen houses built illegally on the ground.

The administration has taken a tough stand

In Amroha also, the stand of the administration remains strict, continuous action is being taken against illegal construction. The SDM took action to free the district's Paanwari pond from the illegal occupation of the mafia. Bulldozer was also used for this. In the Salempur Kotwali premises of Deoria district, the police destroyed 15 thousand litres of liquor by running a bulldozer.

BJP took out bulldozer yatra

On the other hand, BJP workers are excited after the swearing-in of the Yogi government in UP. BJP workers took out a bulldozer procession in the Jalaun district. BJP workers, risking their lives, marched on the road, flouting traffic rules. Dozens of women and men risked their lives to board the bulldozers.


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