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CEO of OpenAI met PM Modi, said- talked about AI opportunities and regulation in India

OpenAI CEO Sam Altman met Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday (June 8).

New Delhi: Sam Altman, CEO of Artificial Intelligence technology platform OpenAI, is on a tour of India. He reached India on last Wednesday. At the same time, Altman met Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday. He told that this meeting was very good and PM Modi was enthusiastic about AI.

This meeting is happening at such an interesting time, when the Government of India wants to regulate AI in a Digital India Bill. This bill will be replaced by the IT Act.

Answering questions at the Digital India Dialogues, Altman said, “It was great. It was really fun. He was very enthusiastic, really thoughtful about AI and its benefits. We asked why India has adopted ChatGPT so quickly and so rapidly. It was really fun for us to watch this. He had wonderful answers about it."

He told that he also talked about how India can present opportunities for AI and what he thinks about its regulation. Altman said, “We talked about the opportunities before the country, what the country should do, it needs to think about global regulation to make sure that we prevent some of the downsides from happening.”

ChatGPT is developed by Open AI

OpenAI has remained the center of public discussion since last year. Ever since OpenAI launched its artificial intelligence tool ChatGPT, everyone is talking about it. Explain that ChatGPT is a conversational chatbot. If you understand in simple language, ChatGPT is a kind of chatbot, with the help of which you can chat. You can ask any question to ChatGPT. On asking questions, it will answer your questions in detail.


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