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Corona: India gave a befitting reply to the UK, new rules will be applicable for travelers from UK

Britain has not accepted the request to recognize the corona vaccine made in India. After this, India has also announced to give a befitting reply to him.

New Delhi: Britain has not accepted the request to recognize the corona vaccine made in India. In view of this, India has also announced to take retaliatory steps against Britain.

The new rules will be applicable from October 4, India announced on Friday that after October 4, all travelers coming to India from the UK will be quarantined for 10 days. All the passengers coming from there will take the RT-PCR corona test at the airport. Not only this, after 8 days of arrival in India, those passengers will have to get the RT-PCR test done again.

Covishield vaccine being made in India

Let us tell you that the Covishield vaccine has been manufactured by Oxford University in the UK in collaboration with AstraZeneca. This vaccine is being mass-produced at the Serum Institute in India. This vaccine is being administered to crores of people of many countries of the world including India, Britain. Despite this, Britain has refused to recognize the Covidshield vaccine being made in India.

Britain has not given recognition so far

Britain has announced that after October 4, the same people will be allowed to enter the country. Those who have received the Moderna vaccine, Oxford/AstraZeneca vaccine or Pfizer-BioNTech vaccine. Britain has refused to include the Covidshield vaccine manufactured by Oxford-AstraZeneca itself in this list.

Britain has said that apart from these three vaccine people, if any other person reaches there, then he will have an RT-PCR test at the airport. Those passengers will also have to show the corona test report 72 hours in advance. Along with this, those people will have to complete the mandatory quarantine of 10 days at their destination.

India was trying to convince Britain (UK) for the last several days, calling this issue discriminatory. When Britain refused to show any leniency on this issue, India also announced on Friday to take retaliatory measures against Britain. That is, now all the same rules will be applicable to the passengers coming from the UK to India from October 4, which they have imposed on Indian passengers. Now all travelers coming from Britain will also be considered without vaccine on their arrival in India and they will have to compulsorily complete the 10-day quarantine period.


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