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Crisis deepens in Sri Lanka, police opened fire on protesters, one dead

New Delhi: The crisis in Sri Lanka continues to deepen. Till now people across the country were protesting against the government but there was no news of any kind of violence. Now here the police opened fire on the protesters. At least 10 people were injured in this police action while one protester died on the spot.

Some people were blocking the highway in Rambukana. All these people took to the road against the government over the rising prices of petrol and diesel, problems related to hospitals and police. After this, the police first rained batons on the protesters to open the highway and then opened fire.

President Rajapaksa called himself responsible for the crisis

In the midst of the economic crisis and protests, President Gotabaya Rajapaksa finally had to bow down. Admitting his mistake, he said that he would try to rectify it. Rajapaksa formed the new cabinet on Monday. In this, there is only one member of his family, Mahindra Rajapaksa, who is the Prime Minister.

These days Sri Lanka is facing a big economic crisis. There is a severe shortage of foreign exchange in the country. In such a situation, there is not enough import from food items to fuel, due to which the public is suffering. Now he is looking for loans from India and China. Recently, the entire Sri Lankan cabinet resigned.


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