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Demolition of idols in Noida temple, traces of blood found in the premises

People created a ruckus on Monday in Bahalolpur village of Noida, adjacent to Delhi. People were angry that the idols were vandalized at night by unknown anti-social elements in the Shiva temple of the village.

Noida: A case of vandalism inside the temple by anti-social elements has come to light in Bahalolpur village of Noida, adjacent to Delhi. Traces of blood have also been found inside the temple. After getting information about the incident, the villagers started creating a ruckus.

Idols vandalized in the temple of Bahlolpur

According to the police, there is a Shiva temple in Bahalolpur village of Sector 63. There, anti-social elements broke the idol and Shivling late on Sunday night. When the priest reached the temple on Monday morning, he was stunned to see the condition there. Along with the broken idols, he also saw traces of blood there. On getting the information of the villagers, a crowd gathered there.

People created ruckus on the road

People who reached the temple in large numbers started protesting by creating a ruckus. As soon as the information was received, the police station Sector 63 reached the spot and tried to convince the villagers. After getting information about the incident, top police officers also reached the spot. After persuading the people, he got the way opened and after finding out the culprit gave assurance of action.

Police started the investigation by registering a case

DCP Harish Chandra says that some idols were found in a damaged condition in the temple of Bahalolpur. After reaching the spot with the forensic team and dog squad, some blood was also found there. Prima facie, that blood seems to be of a person, who might have fallen down while breaking the glass of the temple. The fact of throwing a piece of meat in the temple has not come to light. A case has been registered in this matter and an investigation has been started. The clue is being found by examining the surrounding CCTV.


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