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Digital University is the solution to the problem of seat (admission) in colleges: PM Modi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that important decisions have been taken to increase the capacity of the education sector and improve its quality.

New Delhi: Prime Minister Modi has described the National Digital University as a unique step of its kind. He said, “In Digital University I see the power that can completely solve the problem of seats (admissions) in our country. When there will be unlimited seats for every subject then you can imagine how big a change in education. This digital university will prepare the youth for the current and future needs of learning and re-learning."

PM Modi said, "My request to the Ministry of Education, UGC, AICTE and all other stakeholders is that the digital university should take international standards from the very beginning. The government intends to build institutes of global standards in the country itself and also the policy framework for this. are in front of you. Now you have to bring it to the ground with your efforts."

In the Union Budget this year, many important schemes have been made regarding education. Now it is the turn of the Ministry of Education to implement these schemes. On Monday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi guided all the senior officers and educationists of the Ministry of Education on this subject.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that important decisions have been taken to increase the capacity of the education sector and improve its quality. The second is skill development, to create a digital skill development ecosystem in the country.

The third important aspect is urban planning and design. The fourth important aspect is globalisation. PM Modi said that foreign universities should come to India. Apart from this, which is our industrial sector, there are institutions associated with fintech, it should also be encouraged.

The Prime Minister said that the fifth important aspect is ABGC i.e. Animation Visual Effects. There are huge employment opportunities in all of them. There is also a huge global market, to meet this, attention has also been given on how we increase the use of Indian talent. The budget is going to be of great help in getting the new National Education Policy off the ground.

The PM said, "I have been talking about the digital future long before the arrival of Corona. We are connecting our villages with optical fibre. We are trying to keep the cost of data as low as possible. Improvements are being made. Some people used to question what is the need of it. In the time of pandemic, our efforts have been seen by all, it is digital connectivity that has kept our education system alive during the global pandemic.

The PM said that we are seeing how the digital divide is rapidly reducing in India. The budget outlined what we want to achieve in the field of education in the next decade. Be it digital university, be it e-Vidya, such educational infrastructure is going to help the youth a lot. It tries to give better solutions of education to all whether it is village, poor, dalit, backward tribal.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that today is also World Mother Language Day, education in mother tongue directly, medical education in many states has also started in mother tongue. It is everyone's responsibility to provide space for fresh content and its digital creation in local Indian languages. To work for mobile TV radio in Indian languages ​​to be accessible to all through the Internet. Work has also been done in Indian Sign Language.

Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that if we make a good road map to implement these schemes, then the budget will be beneficial.

We will take forward Sainik Schools through Public Private Partnership, the Ministry of Defense is going to give the budget for this. The PM said, `Have we ever thought that in the country where Nalanda Taxila was such a big educational institution, today the children of our country are being forced to go abroad to study there. Is it okay, children are going out of our country to study, so much money is being spent. Can we provide an environment for our children to study in our own environment at low cost by bringing the world's best university to our country? We have to think about how we have a complete blueprint from pre primary to post graduate to adapt to the 21st century.

According to the Union Ministry of Education, to facilitate efficient and speedy implementation of budget announcements, the Government of India is organizing a series of webinars in several key sectors. Prime Minister Narendra Modi addressed its session here.

The purpose of conducting such webinars is to interact with experts from the public and private sectors and academia and industry. Also to identify strategies to move forward towards implementation of various issues in key areas.

As part of this series, the Union Ministry of Education organised a webinar on the Education and Skills Sector on 21st February.

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