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Foreign media admired the policies of Modi government, praised fiercely on Corona control

Where many countries of the world are still troubled by the outbreak of Corona, India has controlled the epidemic. Due to government efforts, the cases of infection are continuously decreasing. The American media has praised the Modi government for this. The 'New York Times' has become a fan of the policies of the Modi government.

The way the Modi government has controlled Corona, the American media has also become a fan of it. The 'New York Times' has praised the policies of the Modi government to control the growing impact of the epidemic, including the rapid 100 crore corona vaccine doses in India. However, the media house has also expressed concern over the decrease in daily vaccination in the last few days.

The 'New York Times' has written that the corona epidemic in India seems to be decreasing now. Till 7 months ago, thousands of people were dying in a day, which has come down to less than 500 per day. Which definitely shows the success of the government efforts. The newspaper has also praised Indian leaders for improving vaccination policies.

The NYT has said in its report that the Modi government has met the target of 100 crore vaccinations. The government has been successful in proving this success to the public. The Modi government can get political benefit from this in future. The report also said that Serum Institute of India, the world's largest vaccine maker, had set aside 100 million doses of CoveShield for India in January, but the government bought only 11 million doses that month.

The American newspaper has further written praising the Modi government that India has accomplished the target of 100 crore vaccinations, which seemed impossible. Schools were closed in March 2020 due to Coronavirus, which are now opening. This shows that the situation is returning to normal. NYT has said that the Modi government has a plan to do door-to-door vaccination, it will benefit. Until recently, the daily infection was 42,000, now it is about 12,000 per day.

The New York Times has expressed concern that vaccination has slowed down in India. Due to the festive season, there is a rush of people in the markets, which can be dangerous. Vaccination camps have been closed in many states and co-workers are being told that they are no longer needed. People have become careless when the infection is less. People are roaming in public places without wearing masks.

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