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Gyanvapi Masjid Case: Survey of Masjid will be done again, court commissioner will not be removed

The court has said that the Gyanvapi mosque will be surveyed again. Commissioner Ajay Kumar Mishra will not be changed as per the directions of the court.

In the survey case of Gyanvapi Masjid, the court gave an important decision on Thursday afternoon. In its decision, the court has said that the Gyanvapi mosque should be surveyed again. Commissioner Ajay Kumar Mishra will not be changed as per the directions of the court. Two more court commissioners will be appointed along with him. It is clear from this that the court commissioner will not be removed. The objection of the Muslim side was about the court commissioner. The court rejected the objections of the Muslim side.

Will have to report in court after conducting a survey by May 17

The lawyers said that the report will have to be given by May 17. Whoever opposes the survey during this period, action will be taken against him. A survey will be done on the entire part of the mosque. Lawyers told that the court has given a clear order to the district officer to open the locks and conduct a survey. No outsider will be involved during the survey.

Rakhi Singh and others had filed suit

Advocate Gaur, for the Hindu side, claimed that the order issued by the court for the videography survey on April 26 also included the matter of getting videography done inside the barricading, but since the Muslim side is in confusion about it, the court was urged that the court should clarify the position on this also at the time of decision. Rakhi Singh and others, led by Jitendra Singh Bisen, office bearer of Vishwa Vedic Sanatan Sangh, filed a suit in the court in August 2021, demanding regular darshan-worship of Shringar Gauri and protection of other Deities.

Survey work started on 6th May

After hearing both sides, the court had appointed Ajay Kumar Mishra as advocate commissioner on April 26 and ordered a videography survey of the Gyanvapi campus to present its report on May 10. Mishra had fixed May 6 as the day for videography and survey. The survey work started on 6th May. The Muslim side had accused the court-appointed advocate commissioner of acting in a biased manner, alleging that he had tried to get videography done inside the Gyanvapi mosque without orders and moved the court to replace him.


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