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Hearing in SC adjourned till tomorrow in Gyanvapi case, stay in lower court also

Amidst the ongoing hearing in the lower court regarding the Gyanvapi case, the Supreme Court has taken a big decision in this matter. Today, even though the hearing of this case in the Supreme Court has been postponed, but it is being considered as a big development.

Varanasi: The hearing in the Supreme Court today regarding the Gyanvapi case has been postponed. The court will now hear the matter on Friday i.e. tomorrow at three o'clock in the afternoon. On the Gyanvapi case, advocate Vishnu Jain, on behalf of the Hindu side, had requested to postpone the hearing till tomorrow. He argued that his father's health is not good, so today he will not be able to present his side in this matter. Whereas it was said from the Muslim side that the matter should be heard today.

Supreme Court's big order on Gyanvapi

The Supreme Court has stopped the hearing of the Gyanvapi case going on in the lower court. That is, on the one hand, while the Supreme Court hearing will be held in Delhi in the Gyanvapi case on Friday, the ongoing hearing in the lower court has been stopped.

What happened in Varanasi court today?

Earlier today, the final report of the survey has been presented in the Varanasi court in the Gyanvapi case. Court commissioner Vishal Singh has presented this report before the court. In this report, there is an account of the survey of 3 days.

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