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Indian Army became strong in Modi Government, now India has become a challenge for the whole world

India not only increased its defence budget but also achieved great self-reliance in this sector. The whole world is shocked to see this. India is increasing its strategic power day by day.

New Delhi: Indian army has become way more powerful during the tenure of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, it has been well realized. During the year 2014 to 2022, India not only increased its defense budget, but also achieved great self-reliance in this sector. The whole world is shocked to see this. India is increasing its strategic power day by day. This has created panic not only in China and Pakistan, but also in America.

Till now, only America used to have the ability to kill enemies by entering his house, but now India's steps have also gone a long way in this direction. Whether the enemy is small or big, now India talks with eyes in the eyes. If he is even a bit gullible, he knows how to enter the house and kill him. Indian Army is counted in the army of top countries of the world. All this is a miracle of the strong leadership ability of Prime Minister Modi, whose whole world is convinced today.

Defense budget more than doubled

Under the Modi government, the country's defense budget was 2.53 lakh crores in the year 2014, which has now increased to 5.25 lakh crores. India has become the third largest country in the world in terms of spending on defense after the US and China, as per the reference given by the Minister of State for Defense in the Lok Sabha in response to supplementary questions. From this the growing strategic power of India can be gauged.

The country has achieved self-reliance in the field of weapons

Realizing PM Modi's mantra Make in India, the country has achieved great self-reliance in the field of defense. Now India is not only making defense equipment and state-of-the-art weapons for itself, but has also been able to export it to other countries. Due to this the country is earning foreign exchange. 60 per cent of the total defense budget has been earmarked for Make in India only. in order to promote indigenization.

INS Vikrant, Rafale and Tejas are increasing the strength of the Indian Army

A day earlier, the indigenous warship INS Vikrant, which joined the Indian Navy's fleet, showed the whole world how self-reliant India has now become in the field of defense. The strength of INS Vikrant can also be gauged from the fact that more than 30 fighter aircraft can take off and land on it. 32 missiles are deployed. Several other fighter helicopters are also deployed.

There is also a gas turbine and a state-of-the-art radar system. At the same time, the Rafale fighter jet imported from France is included in the dangerous jets of the world. The indigenous Tejas fighter jet has also become a part of the army to challenge the world. From America, Australia to the Philippines and Egypt, this jet has become crazy.

Armed with missiles, guided rocket launchers and modern submarines

The country's army has been equipped with state-of-the-art and dangerous guided missiles, anti-tank missiles, tanks, guided rocket launchers, hand grenades and modern submarines during this period. The special thing is that India has made it herself. Now other countries are also wishing to buy these weapons from India. The army equipped with these defense equipment now has the ability to compete with any country.

The focus has also been on roads, rail transport and air service to take the Indian Army from inaccessible to inaccessible areas. The Modi government has laid a network of infrastructure on India's border with China for 4000 thousand kilometers. So that in difficult conditions, soldiers can reach anywhere and eliminate the enemies.

The world saw the power of the army in the surgical strike in Pakistan and in Galwan

The world has seen the strength of the army in the surgical strike of the Indian Army by entering Pakistan on terrorists and in the skirmish with China in Galvan Valley. In Galwan, the Chinese army was forced to retreat by Indian soldiers. That India was not going to be suppressed by any country.

The morale of the soldiers increased with the National War Memorial

The National War Memorial built at India Gate under the Modi government is encouraging the soldiers of the country. This war memorial is a true tribute to the thousands of soldiers who have been martyred for the country till now.

Easy decision making from Chief Defense of Army Staff

PM Modi strengthened the strength of the army even more by creating the post of Chief Defense of Army Staff (CDS). The CDS is the head of the three services. That is, the army itself has now become capable of responding to the antics of an enemy country. For this he does not need permission from the government. Only the CDS can order a counter-attack on any country. Apart from this, the government has completely opened the avenues for women in the army.

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