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Modi magic again in North East, BJP government in 6 out of 8 states; Shrinking land of Congress

Modi's magic worked again in all three states of North East. BJP is going to form the government again in Tripura. In Nagaland also BJP is returning to power with an ally, then in Meghalaya BJP may be part of the government, meaning there is no anti-incumbency against Modi.

New Delhi: Today, under the leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, BJP has made a grand debut in the North East. The elections to be held in 2023 are being considered as the semi-finals of 2024 and in this semi-final BJP has blown the bugle with victory. BJP has won a landslide victory in Tripura and Nagaland. At the same time, BJP can form the government in Meghalaya as well.

What is the meaning of victory in these states?

Modi magic has worked again in all the three states of North East. BJP is going to form government again in Tripura, in Nagaland also BJP is returning to power with ally, then in Meghalaya BJP may be part of government means there is no anti-incumbency against Modi. In the elections of all the three states of North East, every strategy of BJP was effective and the opponents failed.

While the BJP is celebrating the victory, after the defeat in Tripura, there has been hue and cry between the Congress and the Left, but the whole formula has failed. Congress and Left wanted the power of Tripura, so bypassing ideology and ideology, Left and Congress made a pre-poll alliance before the elections. But now both the parties are giving different reasons for the defeat. The Congress is saying that the defeat was because of the Left, while the Left claims that the reason for the defeat is the Tipra Motha party, which cut off votes in the elections.

Why BJP fought alone in Meghalaya?

BJP was in government in Meghalaya. The government was running together with NPP i.e. National People's Party, but here both parties did not make pre-poll alliance, fought separately in both the elections. The BJP's intention behind contesting all the 60 seats in Meghalaya on its own was to increase its strength. Like Tripura and Nagaland, BJP in Meghalaya wants to be strong on its own, so that in the upcoming elections, BJP has its own CM in Meghalaya.

Congress is unable to keep the MLAs in its fold

For BJP, this election was a testing ground like 2018, but with Congress, the game which started from 2018 continued unabated. The Congress was the single largest party in Meghalaya in the 2018 elections. Won 18 seats but could not form the government, then in 2021, 12 MLAs led by Mukul Sangma joined TMC. TMC could not even open the account in 2018 assembly elections. But in the 2023 elections, TMC first brought the MLAs of Congress in its fold and now in Meghalaya TMC has reached zero to Congress, while Congress could not even reach double digit.

Congress is unable to keep its leaders and MLAs in its fold. This has happened not once but many times with the Congress and it has to face defeat in every state, in every election along with BJP as well because of its old leaders.

BJP in power in 6 out of 8 states

Let us tell you that except for one exception in 2003 in Arunachal Pradesh, till 2016 BJP was not in power in any state of North East. Contrary to this, today BJP is in power in 6 out of 8 states here. Assam, Tripura, Arunachal and Manipur have BJP chief ministers. The BJP is part of the ruling coalition in Nagaland and Meghalaya. There is tension in Mizoram and Sikkim, but the parties running the governments in these two states are part of the BJP-led North East Democratic Alliance (NEDA). The results of the last two Lok Sabha elections also show that the BJP has replaced the Congress as a central political force in the North East.


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