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Navjot Singh Sidhu: Navjot Singh Sidhu sentenced to one year in jail in road rage case

25-year-old Navjot Singh Sidhu had punched Gurnam Singh (65) on the head in Patiala on the afternoon of 27 December 1988 in a minor dispute, due to which he suffered brain haemorrhage and later died during treatment. It was done The cause of death in this case was stated to be head injury and cardiac conditions.

Chandigarh: In a road rage case that surfaced about 34 years ago, Congress leader Navjot Singh Sidhu has been sentenced to one year by the Supreme Court. Earlier in this case a fine of only 1000 rupees was imposed on him.

Sidhu jailed for one year

Sidhu has been sentenced to one year in the 1988 road rage case. While hearing the review petition, the Supreme Court of the country has made it clear that Sidhu will have to spend a year in jail in this case. At the same time, it has been said in the petition that the sentence of Sidhu should not be reduced.

The matter reached the Supreme Court from the High Court

Earlier, the Punjab Haryana High Court had sentenced Sidhu to three years imprisonment for culpable homicide, while the Supreme Court had acquitted him in culpable homicide, but a fine of Rs 1,000 for causing hurt. Imposed.

The Lower court had acquitted

In the same case in September 1999, Navjot Singh Sidhu was acquitted by the lower court, but in December 2006, the High Court convicted Sidhu and another in the culpable homicide case and sentenced him to imprisonment, which Both the accused had challenged in the Supreme Court, after which the High Court had convicted Sidhu in the assault case and imposed a fine of thousand rupees. In the same case, a review petition was filed on behalf of the aggrieved party in the Supreme Court.

What happened on 27th December 1988?

On 27 December 1988, this sad incident came to the fore in Patiala. Then Sidhu had parked his car on Beach Road. During this, when the victim saw the gipsy on the road and asked Sidhu to remove him. So there the debate started. The police had alleged that during this time Sidhu fled from the spot after assaulting the victim.


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