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PM Modi inaugurated the Drone Festival, said - India is moving ahead in drone technology

PM Modi on Drone Mahotsav: PM Modi participated in the Drone Festival on Friday morning. During this, he also saw the drone exhibition.

New Delhi: PM Modi participated in the Drone Festival on Friday morning. During this, he also saw the drone exhibition. After this, in his address, the Prime Minister said that all the policy-making officers should definitely come to this festival. They will get a chance to see new technology. There are also many initiatives in governance, which we can use. The PM said that I went to every stall at the festival. Everyone proudly said that these drones are made in India. Drone engineers and startups are also here. I am sure that thousands of people will also be a part of this two-day festival. I found many farmers who are using drones in agriculture. 150 Drone Pilots Certificates are about to be given, my best wishes to all.

The country is becoming a drone technology expert

Today, India is moving fast towards becoming an expert in drone technology in the world. This was the time 8 years ago, when we tried to implement new mantras of good governance in India. Made Ease of Doing Business our mantra. We have taken steps towards making technology accessible to all, and will continue to do so.

Some people here try to deny the fear of technology by showing it. But progress is possible only by changing oneself with change. Earlier, an attempt was made to prove the technology to be anti-poor. There was an atmosphere of indifference, the nature of the system could not be formed. The loss has been done to the poor and middle class.

It has been told that 1600 people will participate in this two-day Drone Festival. The two-day 'India Drone Festival' is starting on May 27. Our farmers are getting attracted to drone technology. This technology is no longer a boon for the farmers. Drones have made pesticide spraying easier. Many farmers have told me about this. PM Modi also made the Soil Health Card a big power. The importance of soil testing was also expressed.

What's special about the event?

Over 1,600 people from government officials, foreign diplomats, armed forces, central armed police forces, private companies and drone startups are participating in the event. According to the statement, more than 70 exhibitors will give information regarding various uses of drones in the exhibition. Drone pilot certificates will be distributed digitally, products will be inaugurated, panel discussions will be held, operations will be shown and models of made in India. Drone taxis will also be displayed at this festival.


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