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Police alert regarding Kanwar Yatra and Bakrid, Police Commissioner holds meeting with officials

In this meeting, necessary instructions were given to the police officers regarding maintaining law and order of the Gautam Budh Nagar Commissionerate.

New Delhi: In view of the Kanwar Yatra, Bakrid and other upcoming festivals in the month of Sawan, Gautam Budh Nagar (Noida) Police Commissioner Alok Singh held a meeting with the police officers. In this meeting, necessary directions were given to the police officers regarding maintaining law and order of Gautam Budh Nagar Commissionerate. All the police officers, station in-charges were instructed by the Police Commissioner to hold a meeting of the Peace Committee. Along with this, it was also said that they should meet religious leaders and elite people of the community and inspire people to maintain mutual harmony.

Important instructions to maintain law and order

On Tuesday, Police Commissioner Gautam Budh Nagar Alok Singh held this meeting with all the police officers in the auditorium of the Police Commissioner's Office Sector-108. Necessary directions were given to all the police officers present in the meeting regarding the successful completion of upcoming Kanwar Yatra and other upcoming festivals, effective curb on street crime and maintaining law and order in the commissionerate. All the police officers were asked to do daily foot patrolling, to communicate with the people in the mixed population areas, to conduct continuous patrolling around the religious places, to hold meetings with the religious leaders and to convince the people to maintain mutual harmony and the elite people of the area. instructed to maintain harmony with

Police deployment at important places, religious places

All the police officers/station in-charges were asked by the police commissioner to mark the important places, religious places and crowded places in their respective areas and deploy adequate amount of police force there. Along with this, instructions were given to verify the persons staying in hotels, lodges and dharamshalas of their respective areas and observe the earlier disputes etc. The Commissioner of Police directed all the officers to visit the Kanwar Yatra route and rectify the arrangements in time and also ensure the arrangement of route diversion.

Daily checking of vehicles by putting barricading

The Commissioner of Police directed the concerned police officers to conduct daily checking of suspicious vehicles and suspicious persons by putting up barricades. Instructions were given to take strictest action against those who do not follow the rules and laws, prepare a list of people with criminal tendencies and take strict action, besides identifying anti-social elements and taking legal action against them.

Police keep a close eye on social media

Along with this, the police were also instructed to keep a close watch on the people through social media. Those spreading misinformation or trying to disturb mutual harmony were identified and directed to take the strictest action against them. During this meeting, Joint Commissioner of Police Luv Kumar, Additional Commissioner of Police Bharti Singh, all DCPs, ADCPs, Assistant Commissioners of Police and all station in-charges were present


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