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Political rumblings in B.J.P. and Congress

The internal strife among the political parties has become a headache for high command.

The framers of the Indian Constitution could never have imagined that even after 75 years of India's independence from British imperialism, there would be so many ups and downs in Indian democracy. Why is there a sudden upheaval within BJP, especially in states like U. P. M.P., Karnataka, Bengal etc.? On the other hand, Congress is also facing similar situations.

The internal strife among the political parties has become a headache for high command. Three chief ministers of the Bharatiya Janata Party have become victims of internal strife. U.P. C.M. Yogi Adityanath is also not able to escape from this firewall. In West Bengal, Mukul Roy and Rajib Banerjee, have done 'Ghar Wapsi' in Trinamool from BJP. This has fueled disturbing trends within BJP. It has disappointed and weakened the morale of party workers. The former Chief Minister of Gujarat, Vijay Rupani, was a favourite of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah. Sudden announcement of Bhupendra Patel as the new Chief Minister of Gujarat surprised all. There was a lot of damage in Gujarat during the Corona pandemic period. There were question marks on Narendra Modi's 'Gujarat model'. U.P. C.M. Yogi Adityanath's supremacy in U.P. has candid support of Dr. Mohan Bhagwat, the Sarsanghchalak of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. Although Yogi Adityanath's statement, "Abbu Jaan used to eat all food grains," became a sore throat for the central leadership! This statement has hurt the sentiments of Muslim community.

The use of this type of language by a Chief Minister is condemned. By the way, in Hinduism, parents are given the highest respect. Similarly in Islam 'Abbu Jaan' is a respected word for father. Rakesh Tikayat has called Asaduddin Owaisi as 'BJP's Chacha Jaan'. Former Chief Minister of U.P. Akhilesh Yadav has accused BJP of deviating from the key issues. Rahul Gandhi says that "the one who hates can't be a Yogi''? Actually our leaders are deviating from economic, social and political issues. There's a campaign against Shivraj Singh Chouhan in M.P. By replacing Yeddyurappa in Karnataka, Basavaraj Bommai was made Chief Minister in July. Is BJP' a party with the difference'? Under Prime Minister Narendra Modi, J. P. Nadda and Amit Shah, strict discipline in the party is adhered to. The reports that image of BJP is being tarnished, led to replacing of Chief Ministers of BJP ruled states. Why is it that at a particular time there are reports of so much upheaval within the party? Are the state workers dissatisfied with the central leadership of the political parties?

On the other hand, is the condition of Congress party also the same? Prashant Kishore's help is being taken to get control over the internal strife of Congress. In Haryana Congress, the leadership race is on between Bhupinder Hooda, Kumari Selja, Kiran Chaudhary and Ajay Singh. In 2019 Lok Sabha elections, both Deepinder Hooda and 'Papa Hooda' were defeated in Panipat and Rohtak constituencies. Then Deepinder Hooda was nominated to Rajya Sabha. Digvijaya Singh was nominated to Rajya Sabha after he lost to Sadhvi Pragya by 2 lakh votes in Bhopal. Why does Sonia Gandhi appoint the losing candidates to Rajya Sabha? Congress workers are disgruntled with this. Punjab assembly elections are due in a few months.

Congress knows that the party will suffer heavily if Navjot Singh Sidhu Vs. Captain Amarinder Singh rumblings don't end soon. Harish Rawat, Punjab in-charge of the Congress High Command has declared that Congress will win in Punjab with a two-thirds majority under the leadership of Captain Amarinder Singh. On the other hand, Harish Rawat's statement of 'Panj Pyare' has hurt Sikh sentiments. Seeing the gravity of the situation, Harish Rawat has tendered an unconditional public apology. Punjab is a sensitive state and politicians should give their rhetoric after due diligence. T.S. Singhdeo, is giving a challenge to C.M. Bhupesh Waghel in Chhattisgarh. Ms. Mayawati is also pro-active. BSP has an electoral alliance with Asaduddin Owaisi's AIMIM in Uttar Pradesh. Salman Khurshid, senior Congress leader is playing active role in Uttar Pradesh Congress' poll strategy.

Congress will have to struggle in U. P. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, Congress General Secretary, is active in the Uttar Pradesh's campaign. Congress is organizationally very weak. Public interest should be primary to political parties. For many years the politics of 'Aya-Ram Gaya-Ram' has violated basic rights of citizens. What are the issues? What is the manifesto? It has no relevance. Congress's 'Gaya-Rams are BJP's Aya-Rams'. Electoral mathematics is the main objective. S.R. Bommai judgement of the Supreme Court, has been violated several times. In the Anti-Defection Law, after the elections, defecation is frequent. These defectors becomes ministers in the newly formed governments.

The election bugal is blown. It remains to be seen who will be victorious and who will be defeated! By the way, the one who won is a winner is 'Sikandar'. British Prime Minister Winston Churchill rightly said, "Politicians are strange bedfellows"! 'Sama-daam-dand bhed' all have been put at stake. Citizens should take prudent decisions to elect their representatives.


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