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Prime Minister Narendra Modi will give Night Bazaar to Kashi, the proposed visit is on 7th July

Yogi government is going to provide employment to the people by using the useless places in Kashi beautifully. Under this, now the market will be decorated 1.9 km under the Lahartara-Chowkaghat flyover. In this, a glimpse of the art and culture of Kashi will be seen as well as the taste of Banarasi food will also be available. Prime Minister Narendra Modi may gift a night market to Varanasi during his proposed visit.

New Delhi: New records of development and employment are being created in Uttar Pradesh. Yogi government is going to provide employment to the people by using the unused places in Kashi beautifully. For this, the government has decorated the unused places under the flyover and made them useful by making them convenient. Now the market will be decorated in 1.9 km below the Lahartara-Chowkaghat flyover, here the art and culture of Kashi will be seen. Along with this, you will get the taste of Banarasi food. Taking care of the needs of the public along with systematic traffic, the Yogi government will do the work of urban place-making. It is possible to launch it in the proposed Varanasi visit of PM on July 7.

Vacant spaces often become victims of encroachment, but the Yogi government will no longer allow this to happen. Under Urban Place-Making, the government has started preparations to make such a place useful by making it available for employment. Varanasi Smart City Chief General Manager Dr D. Vasudevan said that the market is developing 1.9 km below the Lahartara-Chowkaghat flyover and facilities have been made here for the public, the cost of which is about 10 crores.

Kashi's art culture will be felt as soon as you leave the Cantt station

As soon as you leave Varanasi Cantt station, you will start feeling the city of Kashi. The art and culture of Kashi are visible on the walls through paintings, installations and landscaping. There is a provision for other horticulture including selfie points, fountains, pathways, trees and plants written with the slogan I Love Varanasi. Apart from this, there will be shops, food courts, open cafes etc. on the route from Englishiya Line towards Lahartara, where Banarasi cuisine will be available along with items for the needs of passengers and visitors. Railings, pedestrian crossings and other resources have been developed on both sides to protect the road. In terms of convenience, there will be toilets, drinking water facilities, information kiosks for tourists and other facilities at both ends.

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