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Private schools will have to give 15% discount on fees in this session also

New Delhi : The Delhi High Court had recently stayed the order of Delhi Government regarding exemption from fees during the Corona period. In the context of the High Court order, the Directorate has issued a new order for private schools on Thursday. In this, the directorate has clarified that private schools will have to give 15 percent discount on the total fees to the parents in the last session as well as in the current academic session.

15% discount on total fees Clarifying the order issued by the Delhi High Court, the Directorate of Education has said that the 15 per cent rebate which private schools have to give to parents, will not have to be paid . Rather, this 15 percent exemption will be available from the fees of all charges including tuition fees. The directorate has given an example to illustrate the new order that if the monthly tuition fee of a school is Rs. 2,000, development and annual fee is Rs. 500-500, then private schools will have to give a total exemption of Rs. 3000 and only Rs. 2550 can be charged from the parents with 15% discount. .

Parents demand dues from schools on deposited tuition fees

Parents have got a big relief after the announcement of 15 percent exemption in the entire fee from the directorate. Regarding this, Shiksha Bagga, senior advocate of Delhi Court and advocate of the case, said that before the Delhi High Court's decision regarding school fees, the Supreme Court had given its verdict on Rajasthan school fees in January. In this, private schools have been asked to give 15 percent discount. Based on this decision, the Delhi High Court has given its decision regarding Delhi school fees in May. In such a situation, parents are going to get a 15 percent discount on the tuition fees deposited in the last academic session. Under which the parents can demand arrears from the schools on the deposited tuition fees or they can adjust it in their installment. The Delhi High Court had taken a decision regarding Delhi on the basis of the Supreme Court's decision in January regarding Rajasthan fees.


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