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Punjab elections: PM Modi's rally in Jalandhar, said - targeted the Punjab government

Punjab Assembly Election 2022: After a security lapse in Punjab, Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again reached there on Monday. PM Modi, while addressing the election meeting in Jalandhar, targeted the Punjab government fiercely regarding the Vidhan Sabha elections.

Jalandhar: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is addressing an election meeting in Jalandhar on Monday regarding the Punjab Legislative Assembly elections. He came on stage wearing a turban and bowed down to the land of Punjab. PM Modi said, 'Coming to the land of gurus, pirs, mystics, great revolutionaries and generals is a great pleasure in itself. While bowing down to all the gurus, I bow down from the land of Jalandhar to Mother Tripuramalini, the goddess of 'ShaktiPeeth' Devi pond.'

PM Modi attacked the Punjab government and police-administration

Taking a jibe at the police-administration and government of Punjab, PM Modi said, 'Today my wish was that after this program, I should bow down at the feet of Goddess, seek her blessings. But the administration and police here raised their hands. He said that we will not be able to make arrangements, you leave by helicopter. Now this is the condition of the government here. But I will definitely come to my mother again, I will bow my head at the feet of my mother.

PM Modi remembered the old days spent in Punjab

He further said, 'I pay homage at the feet of Baba Banda Singh Bahadur, Maharaja Ranjit Singh Ji, Lala Lajpat Rai Ji, Veer Shaheed Bhagat Singh Ji, Shaheed Udham Singh Ji and Doab Da Gandhi Pandit Mulraj Sharma Ji. I have had a very emotional connection with Punjab. Punjab has fed me roti when I used to work from village to village here as a simple BJP worker.

New India will be made when 'Nawa Punjab' will be made in this decade

PM Modi said that Punjab has given me so much that as much as I serve to pay off its debt, I feel like working as hard as I can. Now this service of mine has been linked with the resolve of Nava Punjab. Over the years, you all have seen my hard work for the country. Whatever resolution we take for the country, we make it a project and spend our life to fulfil the project. The NDA coalition government will be formed in Punjab, now it is certain. A new chapter of development will start in Punjab. I have come to assure each and every person of Punjab, my youth, that we will not leave any stone unturned in our efforts for your bright future. New India will be made when 'New Punjab' will be formed in this decade.

New Punjab - In which there will be heritage, development will also happen

Giving the slogan of Nawa Punjab, PM Modi said, 'Nawa Punjab - which will also have heritage, development will also happen. Nava Punjab - which will be free from debt, will be full of opportunities. Nawa Punjab - Where every Dalit brother and sister will get respect, there will be proper participation at every level. Nawa Punjab - Where there will be no place for corruption and mafia, there will be rule of law. That is why now the new slogan of Punjab is - Nawa Punjab BJP De Naal. Nawa Punjab - New team de naal. I am glad that Punjab is showing unprecedented enthusiasm for change today.

Punjab will now give chance to BJP-led alliance

PM Modi said that Punjab will no longer support the partitionists, nor will it give a chance to the opportunists. Punjab will now give a chance to the BJP-led alliance. The land of Punjab is the land which has given direction to the country, and has given encouragement to the country. When darkness came in our society, then a guru like Guru Nanak Dev ji came. Gurus like Guru Arjun Dev and Guru Gobind Singh ji protected the country and religion. Punjab needs a government that works seriously for the security of the country. The history of Congress is witness that it can never work for Punjab. And whoever wants to work, he puts a thousand obstacles in front of him.

PM surrounded Congress over Captain Amarinder

Our gurus and sages have said that when the pot of sin is filled, it also bursts. Now Congress is getting the punishment for its deeds. Now see, what is the pace of the Congress party today, today his own party is disintegrating. The people of Congress are opening all the poles of their leaders. The statement of Congress leaders just now shows why they removed Capt. He himself has said that we did not run the Punjab government. His government was being run by the Government of India. This means that all the governments of Congress run a family from Delhi with remote control. Those governments do not run on the basis of the constitution.

This game will not play in BJP government

If Captain Sahib worked together with the Government of India according to the principle of federalism, and if the Government of India worked together with the Government of Punjab, then it was done according to the Constitution of India. The way business and business in Punjab has been given to the mafia, this game will not be allowed to run by the BJP government. Under the BJP government, the businessman here will do his business without any tyranny, without any fear.


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