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Punjab government's big action, NSA imposed on Khalistan supporter Amritpal

A hearing was held in the Punjab-Haryana High Court today regarding Amritpal's case. During this, it was told by the government that a case has been registered against Amritpal under NSA.

New Delhi: For the last 2-3 days, major action is being taken against Amritpal Singh in Punjab. His supporters and co-workers are being arrested. Many people are surrendering themselves by coming to the police station, but Amritpal, who has been declared a fugitive, is still out of reach of the police. He is still absconding. Meanwhile, the Punjab government told the High Court today that the National Security Act (NSA) has been invoked against Amritpal Singh.

Punjab government reprimanded in the High Court

During the hearing in the Punjab-Haryana High Court, the court also reprimanded the Punjab government. The court said that what are 80 thousand soldiers of Punjab Police doing? Till now Amritpal Singh is absconding. This is the intelligence failure of the Punjab Police. Intelligence system is a complete failure. Please tell that on March 18, the Punjab Police had started action against Amritpal Singh and his organization Waris Punjab De. The police chased him for several kilometres, however he managed to escape, after which he is still absconding.

'No compromise on peace in Punjab'

Earlier, Bhagwant Mann had said in a statement, 'Strict action will be taken against anyone who tries to disturb peace, harmony in Punjab. Peace and harmony of Punjab and progress of the country is our priority. We will not spare any force working against the country. Amritpal was playing into the hands of anti-national forces and at their behest he made anti-national statements.


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