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Ruckus in the country on the Agnipath scheme, the opposition intensified the attack

In many parts of the country, protesting youth set trains on fire and broke the windows of buses.

New Delhi: There is a ruckus in many parts of the country over the new scheme 'Agnipath' for recruitment in the army. The opposition on Thursday intensified its attack on the central government over this plan and demanded its withdrawal. At the same time, the government issued a clarification saying that the new 'model' will not only bring new capabilities for the army but will also open doors of opportunity for the youth in the private sector. On Thursday, there were demonstrations against the Agneepath scheme in different parts of the country including Haryana, UP and Bihar.

'Don't test the patience of youth'

Congress leader Rahul Gandhi urged Prime Minister Narendra Modi to listen to the voices of unemployed youth and not "fire-test" their patience by driving the youth to Agneepath. Samajwadi Party supremo Akhilesh Yadav termed the move as "reckless" and potentially "deadly" for the future of the country. Meanwhile, protests have intensified in many states including Bihar, Uttar Pradesh and Haryana. The protesting youth set the trains on fire, and broke the windows of the buses. In Bihar, a BJP MLA and passers-by were even pelted with stones.

PIB made many posts on social media

To address the concerns being raised about the scheme, the Information Dissemination Wing of the government released the document 'Myth Vs Truth'. Along with this, it also made several posts on social media, stating that in the coming years, the recruitment of Agniveers will be almost three times the current recruitment in the armed forces and there will be no change in the regimental system. The PIB said the 'Service Fund Package' of around Rs 11.71 lakh to each recruit at the end of the four-year tenure will give financial independence to the youth and also help them become entrepreneurs.

Rahul Gandhi targeted the government by tweeting

Meanwhile, Congress has demanded the government to put a stop to this scheme. Attacking the government through a tweet, Rahul Gandhi said, 'No rank, no pension, no direct recruitment for 2 years, no stable future after 4 years, no government's respect for the army. Listen to the voice of the unemployed youth of the country, don't take a 'fire test' of their restraint by driving them on 'Agneepath', Prime Minister. Prime Minister Narendra Modi should listen to the voice of unemployed youth and not take a 'fire test' of their restraint.

Kejriwal and Mayawati also gave statements

Left parties said the scheme was "harmful" to India's national interest. Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal said that the government should give a chance to the youth to serve the country not just for 4 years but for life. BSP supremo Mayawati, while targeting the central government over this scheme, termed it as 'unfair to the rural youth'. He urged the Center to reconsider its decision immediately.


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