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Shaligram rocks reached Ayodhya, and the faces of Ram devotees blossomed amidst the rain of flowers

2 holy Shaligram rocks have reached Ayodhya from Pokhara, Nepal, and have been welcomed by Ram devotees with open arms. There is a wave of happiness among the devotees of Ram after these rocks reach Ayodhya.

New Delhi: Two holy Shaligram rocks have reached Ayodhya from Pokhara, Nepal. Seeing the rocks, the faces of Ram devotees have also blossomed and flowers are being showered on the rocks at various places. Before reaching Ayodhya, these stones reached the Gorakhnath temple late on Tuesday night, where a large number of devotees showered flowers and burst firecrackers and welcomed them by raising slogans of Jai Shri Ram. After worshiping, these rocks were sent to Ayodhya at around 3.45 am on Wednesday morning.

What is the specialty of these rocks?

These rocks are 60 million years old. Two large pieces of stone from special rocks 60 million years old found in the Gandaki River at a site close to Shaligram or Muktinath (literally "place of salvation") in Nepal's Mustang district were flown out of Nepal last Wednesday and This one has reached Ayodhya.

In this, the weight of one stone is 26 tons, the other is 14 tons. Prakash Gupta, the office in-charge of Shri Ram Janmabhoomi Teerth Kshetra Trust, had told earlier, 'These Shaligram rocks are 60 million years old. The huge stones will reach Ayodhya from Nepal on two different trucks. One stone weighs 26 tonnes and the other weighs 14 tonnes. The child form idol of Lord Ram engraved on this stone will be kept in the sanctum sanctorum of the Ram temple, which will be ready by Makar Sankranti in January next year.


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