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Shivling found in Gyanvapi Masjid, Court orders CRPF to protect Gyanvapi Masjid Case

Survey has been completed in Gyanvapi Masjid located in Varanasi. The report will be presented on May 17.

Varanasi: Survey work has been completed in Gyanvapi Masjid premises. The biggest news is that the Shivling has been confirmed in the mosque. After the third day's survey, Hindu parties had come out and indicated this. The latest news is that now it has been confirmed by the court as well. On the appeal of the Hindu side's lawyer Vishnu Shankar Jain, the court has asked the District Collector and CRPF to secure the place of Gyanvapi Masjid where the Shivling was found. The court has accepted that Shivling has been found there. This is important evidence, so this place should be protected. That space will be covered. No one can go there. Only 20 Muslims will be able to go there for namaz.

Monday was the third day of the survey. Now the report will be prepared and presented in the court. The district court of Varanasi had given time till May 17 for this. The three-day survey has been video graphed. Its report will be prepared by the Advocate Commissioner, which will be signed by both parties. Meanwhile, Sohanlal Arya, part of the survey team, has given a big statement. Due to the case in the court, he did not say anything clearly but gave such a hint that Baba has found the one Nandi was looking for. That is, it is clear that solid evidence of the temple has been found in the mosque.

At the same time, an important hearing will also take place in the Allahabad High Court on this issue. Sunni Waqf Board has filed a petition against the survey in Gyanvapi Masjid. Earlier on Sunday, the second day's survey was done. The survey was conducted on Saturday and Sunday from 8 am to 12 noon.

The matter will now be heard in the district court of Varanasi on May 17. The hearing will also take place in the Supreme Court on the same day. However, the work which was filed in the Supreme Court to stop the survey has been completed. In such a situation, there is a question of whether this hearing will take place or not.

On Sunday, the proceedings of the Advocate Commissioner in the Gyanvapi Masjid complex started at exactly eight in the morning. By that time the sun had turned scorching. Even before the heat increased, it was decided to do videography and photography of the dome in the open part of the mosque complex. Everyone entered the place of worship barefoot. There was an attempt to see the structure inside the dome as closely as possible. The ladder has become narrower and it was difficult to even breathe upstairs. It was discussed that the structure of the dome was surprising to everyone. It took some time, but after collecting many important facts, the team climbed the stairs and reached the roof above. By then the roof was getting hot due to the scorching sun and it was becoming difficult to walk barefoot. After this, everyone along with the photographer and videographer went to every corner and saw the whole structure.

After this, videography and photography took place from the ceiling to the floor of the hall like big room at the place of prayer. There were many surprising things here too. There were many figures on the walls and ceiling which were forcing the lawyers of the temple side to stop and get its photography and videography done. Particular attention was paid to the walls and pillars. As the proceedings progressed, so did the curiosity. More than 100 photos were taken here. Videography also lasted a long time.

After this, the whole team once again headed towards the basement. Search lights were arranged as it was dark. Because of the heat in the closed space, everyone kept getting wet. There was also the fear of poisonous creatures. The people of the temple side had a special interest in coming here. From all the figures found on the walls the day before, he hoped to achieve more. Once again the eyes were on the walls and pillars. There was a lot that needed to be captured on cameras.

The team also went near the pond in the premises. One side wanted photography and videography of the pond after removing the entire water, however, this could not happen. During the proceedings, some people also became victims of the displeasure of the Advocate Commissioner. The proceedings were closed at 12 noon on the scheduled time.


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