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Some decisions seem bad at first but later they are effective for the country - said PM Modi

Modi has not directly mentioned the Agneepath scheme and the violence and protests taking place on it.

New Delhi: A statement of PM Modi has come to the fore in the midst of violence across the country regarding the Agneepath scheme. However, he has not directly mentioned the scheme and the violence and protests taking place on it. But in a program in Bangalore, he said that some decisions seem bad at first sight but later they prove to be very effective in making the country better.

Protests and violent demonstrations continue across the country against Agneepath. The central government had announced Agneepath for recruitment in the army. But since the announcement, the opposition has started. In many states, youth are protesting by taking to the streets. Demonstrations have also been very violent in many states of the country including Bihar, and Uttar Pradesh. In the midst of opposition to the plan, many organizations have now announced a Bharat Bandh on June 20. During this, rail service was stopped at many places and long jams were seen on the roads at many places.

On the other hand, along with all the political people from the government, the army has also come to the rescue of the scheme. The army says that this scheme will not be returned. On the other hand, today the army released the notification for the induction of soldiers under the Agneepath Military Recruitment Scheme. The army said that online registration on the army's recruitment website is mandatory for all job aspirants under the new model which will start from July.

The notification said that the recruitment of soldiers in the regular cadre of the Indian Army, other than the medical cadre, would be available only to those personnel who have completed their period of service as Agniveers. The Army said the Agniveers would have no right to be re-elected after the completion of their four-year term. Agniveer will get 30 days leave in a year. 30 percent of their monthly salary will be compulsorily deposited in a fund and the government will contribute the same amount.

The Agneepath scheme, announced on June 14, has a provision to recruit youth between the age group of 17 and a half years to 21 years for only four years. Under this, there is a provision to maintain 25 percent for 15 more years. Although later the government increased the upper age limit for recruitment to 23 years in 2022, protests have started in many states against the scheme.


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