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Steps moving towards Corona free India, know what will change from 1st April

According to the order of the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Disaster Management Act implemented in the context of Coronavirus is ending from April 1. Under this, the collar-tune of Corona ended.

New Delhi: On the one hand, India is going to re-enter the era without corona from April 1, 2022, and on the other hand, a lockdown has been imposed in Shanghai, China from March 27. The Chinese government has adopted Zero Covid Policy. Under this the government aims to eliminate Kovid completely from the country. However, seeing the figures, it is difficult to say that Corona will be eradicated by any policy. Despite the zero covid policy and strict lockdown, the cases of corona in China are more than in India.

The decline seen in corona cases in the world

What can be the consequences if India has removed the restrictions. To understand this, it is important to know how is the spread of Kovid at this time. Let us tell you that the cases of coronavirus have decreased by 29 per cent in the regions of Africa. There has also been a decrease of 15 per cent in America. In Europe, new cases of coronavirus have been registered 4% less than last week. There has been a decrease of 14% in corona cases in Southeast Asia.

Most people are victims of Omicron

In the last one week, genome sequencing of more than 3 lakh 82 thousand coronavirus samples was done worldwide. Out of which 99.7% cases were from Omicron and less than one per cent were of Delta variant. That is, usually, at this time everyone has been victimized by Omicron. Which is believed to be a lighter variant. In India too, the cases of coronavirus are decreasing and the death toll is also under control.


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