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Sudhir Suri murder case: Input was received 2 days ago, target list found from shooter's car

A target list has also been recovered from this car in which some names are written. This target list was marked.

New Delhi: The incident of killing Sudhir Suri, the head of Shiv Sena Taksali in broad daylight on Friday in Amritsar, Punjab, in front of his security personnel and policemen, is raising many questions.

The police have arrested the shooter and murder accused Sandeep Singh. Sandeep's car has a picture of Amritpal Singh, a pro-Khalistan supporter, who heads Waris Punjab De. Amritpal is considered to be Jarnail Singh Bhindranwale and a supporter of Khalistani. A target list has also been recovered from this car in which some names are written. This target list was marked.

Police sources said that the attackers had come with complete planning. He had a weapon which has been confiscated by the police. Suri's supporters clearly say that this murder was done by Khalistanis and they have the conspiracy to kill many more people. He has also taken the name of Amritpal.

Actually, Amritpal had come to India from Dubai a few days ago and was made the chief of Birsa Khalsa. Amritpal had organized conferences in many districts of Punjab. Now the DGP has appealed to the people for peace by holding a press conference. He has said that he himself will visit. People got angry after the murder and they demonstrated.

2 days ago, central agencies had given an alert, saying that Sudhir Suri would be attacked.

This panic-spreading incident is very serious because two days ago central intelligence agencies had issued a special alert mentioning Sudhir's name. He had such input that Pakistani ISI asked Randhawa Nita and Lahore gangsters to kill Sudhir Suri. A few days ago, the police arrested 4 gangsters who conspired to kill Sudhir Suri.

BJP made allegations, saying- Police surrounded the attackers and saved them

BJP's Punjab President Ashwani Sharma has raised questions on law and order.

He has advised Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann that instead of Gujarat and Himachal, attention should be paid to Punjab. Bullets are being fired in the presence of police in the state. He said that when the Punjab Police were already alert about such an incident and attack, then the police saved the attackers by cordoning them off there.


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