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Tata group plans to rejuvenate Air India, target 30 percent market share in five years

Work has already started on this rejuvenation plan with the revamping of the cabins, making the seats comfortable and providing in-flight entertainment.

New Delhi: Tata Group's airline Air India has ambitious plans to strengthen its international operations while capturing 30 per cent of the domestic aviation market over the next five years. A comprehensive plan called 'Vihaan AI' was announced on Thursday to rejuvenate Air India, which had gone under the control of the Tata group at the beginning of the year.

It envisages a complete overhaul of the airline over the next five years with a focus on both domestic and foreign markets. Under this plan, Air India will also add 30 new aircraft to its fleet. Its emphasis will be on increasing both its network and aircraft fleet.

Emphasis on increasing reliability and timely operations

In addition, there will be an emphasis on completely transforming Air India's attitude towards consumers, enhancing reliability and timely operations, as well as achieving a leadership position in technology and innovation. Information about this rejuvenation plan was given in a statement issued by Air India.

Air India said, "Over the next five years, Air India will endeavour to increase its market share to at least 30 per cent in the Indian market while continuing to strengthen its existing position in the international market.

The plan is to take Air India on the path of sustainable growth, profitability and market leadership." According to the latest data from the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Air India's domestic market share stood at 8.4 per cent in July. This plan has been prepared on the basis of suggestions received from the employees of Air India.

Work on the rejuvenation plan has started

Air India's Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Campbell Wilson said in a statement that work has already begun on this rejuvenation plan, including revamping the cabins of the aircraft, accommodating seats and providing in-flight entertainment. “Our emphasis is on ensuring timely operation of flights. During the expansion in the fleet of aircraft, both small size and large-size aircraft will be included.


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