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Tata IPL 2022: Now Tata IPL instead of Vivo IPL, Tata Group signed a contract for two years

The title sponsorship of the next season of the Indian Premier League i.e. 2022 went to the indigenous company Tata. Earlier, the name of Chinese handset company Vivo was associated with IPL. But they had to withdraw in 2020 amid increased tensions between India and China in the Galvan Valley.

New Delhi: The Country's biggest corporate house has entered cricket. The title sponsor of the next season of the Indian Premier League will now be Tata, who will replace the Chinese company Vivo.

Vivo was removed amid anti-China campaign

Vivo had bought the IPL sponsorship rights from 2018 to 2022 for Rs 2,200 crore but took a year's break after the military confrontation between India and China in the Galvan Valley in 2020. Vivo became the sponsor again in 2021, although there was speculation that they wanted to transfer the rights to the appropriate bidder and the BCCI backed it.

Dream-11 was made sponsor for one year

Dream-11 had won the IPL title sponsorship for the year 2020 edition. After this deal for Rs 222 crore, the tournament was played in the UAE in 2020 due to the fear of Coronavirus. After the return of Vivo, now the name of the indigenous company has been associated with IPL.

When will the mega auction happen?

The chairman of IPL Governing Council also confirmed that the mega auction will take place on February 12 and 13 in Bangalore. However, the BCCI has not decided how much time will be given to the two new teams to sign the players. They will be given at least a few weeks' time and are expected to issue a formal letter to the Lucknow and Ahmedabad franchises in a day or two.


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