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The Delhi High Court clearly said what employees have to do with your internal dispute

Delhi High Court has asked the Arvind Kejriwal government how much it spends on advertisements. The court is hearing the issues related to arrears of salary and pension of municipal employees.

New Delhi : Delhi High Court has sought information from the Aam Aadmi Party government on the expenditure on advertisements. While hearing the issue of outstanding salary and pension of municipal employees, the court asked about this. The Delhi government told the court that it was getting only Rs 305 crore from the Centre. At the same time, North MCD admitted in the court that it has decided to give the 'town hall' to the ASI to raise funds. For this, a letter has also been written to ASI and DG. A fixed price has been decided.

North MCD alleged Delhi Government for outstanding of 900 Crore

North MCD admitted that it has requested the Center to take over two of its major hospitals on lease. North MCD placed details of its 11 such properties before the Delhi High Court and claimed that tenders have been floated for leasing them out to raise funds. Delhi government has BTA dues of Rs 900 crore and that is why it still remains short of funds, North MCD alleged.

The Delhi High Court clearly said what employees have to do with your internal dispute. They need a salary at the end of the month so that they can meet their needs. The court said that we have to distrain the property of the corporation. We will not do so only if the corporation tells us what effective steps it has taken to raise funds. The Delhi government objected to the corporation's claims.

Argued that the problem is continuing for the last five years and MCD always tries to put it under bad light and show the flaws in the Delhi government. The government is not a revenue generating institution. We are getting only 305 crores from the Center for the last five years and our budget has not been increased, so should we keep putting the Center in the dock.

Court instructed Delhi Government

The Delhi High Court said, every authority holds a public office or a public trust, therefore it should be responsible that whatever it does, it is in the interest of the public. They are not there to promote themselves in that position. The court made this observation while questioning the Delhi government that it should be fully responsible as to how much it spends on advertisements.

The Delhi government had accused the corporation of being involved in corruption. On this, the High Court interrupted the government and said that its government is also not particularly good.


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