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This MCD house seemed more like a battlefield, with fierce fighting between AAP and BJP councillors

In the history of MCD, today Friday will be written as one of the darkest days. There has been a fierce scuffle between the councillors in the House. The councillors left their hands fiercely on each other. During this, a councillor fainted in the same house, which was picked up by fellow councillors ad made to lie on the table.

New Delhi: Whatever happened in the MCD Sadan in Delhi on Friday is very shameful. This will be written among the darkest days in the history of MCD. The councillors were fighting with each other. They were pulling each other's hair. If the text written in the tickers and headlines on TV channels is hidden, then no one can say that this is a fight between the corporators of Delhi. Everyone will say that MCD is not a house but a battlefield.

How did the commotion start?

In fact, on Friday, voting was held before the lunch break for the election of the Standing Committee in the MCD House, in which 242 out of 250 councillors voted. Out of 9 councillors of Congress, 8 councillors were absent. One corporator had voted for Sheetal Vedpal. After lunch, the Election Commission's representatives did the counting, in which out of 6 seats BJP candidates were declared victorious and AAP candidates in 3 seats. But in the meantime, Mayor Shelly Oberoi declared 1 vote of BJP corporator invalid and ordered recounting. This is where the ruckus started.

Opposing the mayor's decision, the BJP said that when the technical team of the Election Commission has prepared the results, they have gone, then why counting again, and who will do the recounting? Councillors of both parties were verbally attacking each other in the House, but no one knew when this verbal war turned into a fight.


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