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'Those who were showing heat at that time, their heat must have calmed down now': CM Yogi

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath said that earlier the state was called riot zone, but now there is neither riot nor curfew anywhere. Now the state has become riot and curfew free.

New Delhi: CM Yogi Adityanath addressed a public meeting in Shamli on Monday, starting the campaign for the civic elections in Uttar Pradesh. Targeting the opposition parties here, he said that the previous governments had left the state to the hands of mafias and criminals. For him, the criminals were not the people of the state, but the priority used to be, but now the time has changed.

There are no people left who shed tears for the goons - CM Yogi

CM Yogi said that all the heat that used to show at that time must have gone out now. Earlier goon tax was collected in the state, now no one knows where the goon tax collectors have gone. Now no one is going to shed two drops of tears for them. He said that earlier it was very difficult to do business in Kairana, but now it is heartening to see that the business class is back in Kairana and is doing its work freely.

The state has now become riot and curfew free - CM Yogi

CM Yogi said that earlier Uttar Pradesh was called the state of riots, but now in UP there is 'no curfew-no riots, everything is healed in UP, neither extortion nor extortion in UP-UP is no longer anyone's property. ' CM Yogi said that development work is going on in Uttar Pradesh. There is no place for mafia and terror. Today wood art is seen in the house. Before 2017, governments did not get time to create riots. Sikh brothers were attacked. The law and order situation was bad. Today the state is developing and everyone knows the development journey of UP.


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