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Transgenders will get recognition in UP; ID card-making work started in Prayagraj

The work of making identity cards of eunuchs has been started in Sangam city Prayagraj. After the creation of the identity card, all the government schemes of eunuchs will be directly benefited.

New Delhi: In order to bring eunuchs into the mainstream in Uttar Pradesh, now their identity cards will be made. The work of making identity cards has been started in Sangam city Prayagraj. These identity cards will be issued by the DM. So far, identity cards have been issued to 3 transgenders in Prayagraj. Kaushalya Nandgiri Tina Maa, a member of the Kinnar Welfare Board, informed us that after the creation of this identity card, the eunuchs will get direct benefits from all government schemes.

After the meeting of the Kinnar Welfare Board at Prayagraj Circuit House, it was told that officials of many departments including Education Department, Social Welfare Department, Health Department were present in their meeting. In which necessary instructions have been given to them. To bring awareness in the transgender society, it is necessary to promote education. It is necessary to educate eunuchs. He has said that free education will be provided to transgender children. Along with this, a separate ward of 5 beds will also be made for eunuchs in every hospital. It started from SRN Hospital of Motilal Nehru Government Medical College, Prayagraj.

Work can be done for the welfare of transgenders

According to Kaushalya Nandgiri Tina Maa, a member of the Kinnar Welfare Board, a separate cell will be set up in the police stations to listen to the problems of the eunuchs. Along with this, separate toilets will be arranged for men and women as well as third genders in public toilets to be built in public places. He has said that eunuchs will be counted in the entire state and its details will be prepared and sent to the state government so that schemes can be brought for the welfare of eunuchs and their implementation can also be done properly.

Formation of Kinnar Welfare Board

It is worth mentioning that in view of the problems of the eunuch community, the Yogi government has constituted the eunuch welfare board in the state. Under which the members of the Kinnar Welfare Board are going and holding meetings in every district. Officers of various departments are also present in these meetings, due to which necessary guidelines are issued to the departmental officers for taking action regarding the problems of transgenders.

UP Kinnar Kalyan Board member Kaushalya Nand Giri Tina Maa has so far held meetings in more than a dozen districts of UP.


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