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Union Home Minister Amit Shah said that BJP has no competition in the 2024 Lok Sabha Election

PM Modi has the full support of the people. We will once again form the government at the Center with full majority.

New Delhi: Union Home Minister Amit Shah today on Tuesday (February 14) spoke on many issues in the country. During this, he said that today the country is on the path of development and progress under the leadership of Narendra Modi. We had made promises to the public in the 2019 elections, we are fulfilling them. He expressed confidence that the Bharatiya Janata Party will form the government in the assembly elections to be held in various states this year and the people will give another chance to the Modi government in the next year's general elections.

Home Minister spoke on Tripura elections

Home Minister Amit Shah said that the BJP government is going to be formed in Tripura with a full majority. Within the overall Northeast, we have done many things after Modi ji became the PM. Today there is peace in the Northeast, we have made peace agreements with many terrorist organizations. More than 8,000 armed fighters have left their guns and returned to the mainstream.

The North-East, which was previously known for unrest, is now being constructed by roads and rail is reaching there. We have done the work of making the North East full of development. We had given the slogan 'Chalo Paltai' to change the situation in Tripura and today we have changed the situation. We have done a good budget. We have ended the violence. The crackdown on the drug trade has been tightened. He said that PM Modi has ended the distance between the North-East and the rest of India. If people from other states go to the Northeast, they also respect them.

PFI is an organization increasing bigotry and bigotry in the country - Amit Shah

Amit Shah said, "There were many cases on PFI cadre, the work of ending them was done by the Congress, which was stopped by the court. We successfully banned PFI. PFI was an organization that increased bigotry and fanaticism in the country. A kind of material of terrorism They were doing the preparatory work. Our government rose above vote bank politics and banned PFI."

Naxalism is almost over - Home Minister

The Union Home Minister said that the Naxalite insurgency has almost ended in Bihar and Jharkhand. I am sure that we will be successful in restoring peace in Chhattisgarh also in no time. In Jammu and Kashmir also all kinds of statistics related to terrorism are in the best condition.

The decisions to change the names of the cities were defended

The BJP often faces criticism for renaming cities. Home Minister Amit Shah has put forth the stand of the party and the government regarding this issue. He said that there is not a single city which does not have an old name and has changed it. Our governments have taken decisions after thinking a lot on this and every government has this legislative right.

Full credit for the chairmanship of G-20 goes to PM Modi - Home Minister

Regarding the presidency of India in the G-20 conference, the Home Minister said that if India has got the leadership of G-20 during the time of Narendra Modi's government and G-20 is successful, then its fame and credit goes to Modi ji. Must meet. Why not meet? If the product is good, then it must be marketed with fanfare.


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