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UP Municipal Elections 2023: If all goes well, notification will be issued in April

The UP government has submitted the report of the Backward Classes Commission to the Supreme Court and now if all goes well, election notification will be issued in April and voting will be held in May.

New Delhi: The Yogi government has submitted the report of the Uttar Pradesh State Dedicated Backward Classes Commission constituted to decide the reservation of backward castes in the municipal elections in the Supreme Court and now the court will give its decision after hearing the case soon, on the basis of which the government The civic body will decide the way forward for the elections. If all goes well, notification for municipal elections will be issued in April and voting will be held in May. Sources say that according to the guidelines of the court, the process of giving reservations to the backward in the municipal elections will be decided.

This matter reached the Supreme Court after there was a dispute over the list of reserved seats for backward classes in the state government body elections. The court had directed the state government to set up a commission for backward classes and prepare a report on reservations given to backward classes in civic elections. For this, the court had fixed a deadline of March 31 for the commission.

The commission constituted by the state government had submitted its report to the government about 22 days before the deadline. The government has now filed the report in the Supreme Court after approving it from the cabinet.

Now a request has been made on behalf of the state government to give a date for the decision on this matter. During the hearing in the court, an argument will be made by the state government that on the basis of this report, permission should be given to reserve seats for them and hold elections while deciding the procedure for the participation of backward people in the body elections.

Sources associated with the preparation of civic elections say that even after getting the permission of the Supreme Court, it will take at least 20 to 25 days to complete the preparations. In such a situation, it is being said that in the last week of April, there is a preparation to send a proposal to issue notification for holding body elections. So that elections can be held in May.


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