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Uttarakhand Elections 2022: PM Modi made a big attack on Congress by referring to General Rawat

The prime minister reminded the people that a Congress leader had even called the country's former defence Chief General Rawat a 'sadak ka goon'.

Dehradun: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Thursday accused the Congress of abusing General Rawat when he was alive and now using his cutouts to garner votes. Addressing a public meeting here ahead of the February 14 assembly elections in Uttarakhand, Modi said it was the same Congress which had sought proof of surgical strikes against terror hideouts in Pakistan.

'Where Rawat was called a street goon'

The prime minister reminded the people that a Congress leader had even called the country's former defence chief General Rawat a 'sadak ka goon'. He said that it only shows the hatred of the Congress for the martyrs of the country. Modi alleged that the Congress continued to lie on the issue of 'One Rank, One Pension' but now it is seeking votes by putting cutouts and photographs of General Rawat. He said, 'One can go to this extent for a chair, I cannot believe it.'

'People of Uttarakhand should answer'

The Prime Minister said, "Today if these people (Congress) are trying to make political use of General Rawat for votes, then it is the responsibility of the people of Uttarakhand to answer them." Recalling General Bipin Rawat, he said that he remembers him. Getting emotional. The Prime Minister said that he has shown that the people of Uttarakhand not only have the courage to have mountains but also have a high thinking like the Himalayas. Describing the thinking of the Congress as only 'limited to the pleasures of power', he said that it could never understand the value of sacrifice and service to the country.

'Government is making fifth Dham'

Urging the people to give a befitting reply to the Congress in the elections, Modi said that the previous Congress governments pushed development activities backward and forced people to migrate in large numbers from the mountains. He said that BJP's 'Drishtipatra: 2022' released on Wednesday will help in making this decade the decade of Uttarakhand, in which resolutions have been taken for the development of all sections including youth, women, farmers of the state. Modi said that along with implementing the 'One Rank One Pension' government, his government is making the fifth Dham of the state - military Dham.

'Government of double engine did the work'

However, Modi taunted that this pride of Uttarakhand will not be understood by those who make fun of the country's army and martyrs. He said that from the formation of Uttarakhand to its grooming, BJP saw dreams together with the people, but unfortunately for a few years its command went to such people who did not want its birth. Modi said that despite the Congress having governments both at the Centre and in the state, it pushed the state back by applying brakes. He said that after 2017 the double engine government has done so much work in the state that even those who apply brakes have to make the same promises.

'He did not remember the Char Dhams'

"When they (Congress) were in power, they did not remember the Char Dhams, but now they are remembering them as it seems to them the way to get the chair," Modi said. Kedarnath Reconstruction, Badrinath Masterplan, Char dham All Weather Referring to several major projects, including the road project, the Rishikesh-Karn prayag rail line project, the Prime Minister asked people to vote for the BJP so that the stream of development coming from Delhi does not get stalled. He said, 'By voting on the 14th, you block dishonesty and corruption, dynasty and families.


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