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Whether the Gyanvapi case is worth running in court or not, now hearing will be on May 30

The court will decide on the maintainability of the case. First of all, the application of the Muslim side will be heard only and after that, the further course of action will be decided.

Varanasi: The next hearing of the Gyanvapi-Shringar Gauri case in Varanasi District Court will be held on May 30. Earlier it seemed that in today's hearing it will be clear whether this case is worth running in court or not. But now the court will hear the matter on May 30. First of all, the application of the Muslim side will be heard only. The district will decide whether the 1991 Places of Worship Act will apply in this case.

Application for dismissal of the case on behalf of the Muslim side

The case was transferred to the district judge's court on the orders of the Supreme Court. Today, in the hearing of the application given under Rule 7 Order 11 of the Muslim side, the District Court will order whether the case of Shringar Gauri Gyanvapi is worth hearing or not. An application has been made on behalf of the Muslim side to dismiss the case.

One week time for both the parties to file an objection

In the earlier hearing, the court has given a week's time to both the parties to file objections to the proceedings of the survey commission. The counsel for the Muslim side had said during the hearing of the case on Monday that he has submitted an application in the court saying that this case is not worth hearing as hearing the Gyanvapi case is a violation of the Place of Worship Act, 1991.

The case was transferred by the Supreme Court to the District Judge.

On May 20, a three-member Supreme Court bench had ordered the transfer of the Gyanvapi case from the court of Civil Judge (Senior Division), Varanasi to the court of District Judge. The Supreme Court said that since this matter is very sensitive, therefore an experienced judicial officer should hear the matter. Along with this, the Supreme Court had directed that the district judges should complete their hearing in eight weeks.


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