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Woman's delivery done outside Safdarganj hospital by making a wall of sarees, DCW issued a notice

The Delhi Commission for Women has issued a notice in the matter of Safdarjung Hospital refusing to admit a pregnant woman. A video of the woman had gone viral, in which some women give birth to a pregnant woman suffering from pain outside the hospital. Delhi Commission for Women chairperson Swati Maliwal has issued a notice to the hospital, terming the incident as shameful.

New Delhi: Taking strict cognizance of the video of a woman's delivery outside the Safdarjung Hospital, the Delhi Commission for Women has issued a notice to the hospital in this matter. A reply has been sought from the hospital for allegedly not admitting the woman. The commission had received a video showing the suffering of the woman in the premises of Safdarjung Hospital, after which a notice was issued and a reply was sought expressing displeasure with the hospital management.

According to the information, in the video, the pregnant woman can be seen surrounded by some women who are helping her in her delivery. Also in the video a woman can be heard accusing the hospital of not being admitted. The pregnant woman sat outside the hospital for the whole night but neither the hospital gave admission nor the doctors helped her. The commission has issued a notice to Safdarjung Hospital and asked the hospital to submit a detailed inquiry report regarding the incident. The commission has also asked the hospital to explain the reason for refusing to admit the woman despite her condition is critical. Which eventually she was forced to give birth to the child outside the hospital building itself.

Details of the action sought from the hospital on this negligence

The commission has also sought details of the employees responsible for this negligence and the action taken by the hospital against them. Apart from this, the commission has also asked the hospital to state whether any hospital staff or doctor helped in the delivery of the woman outside the hospital building or not. Along with this, the commission also sought information regarding the protocol to be followed by the hospital in emergency cases and in view of the seriousness of the matter, asked the hospital to provide the requested information by 25 July 2022.

The chairperson of the Women's Commission said - this incident is very shameful

Expressing anguish over the incident, Delhi Commission for Women Chairperson Swati Maliwal said, "When even reputed government hospitals refuse to admit and treat critical patients, the public's confidence in the public health system is undermined. I have issued a notice to Safdarjung Hospital and asked the hospital to fix the accountability of the concerned authorities in the matter. This is a very shameful incident and action must be taken against the careless officials and immediate steps should be taken to rectify the situation so that such incidents do not recur again.


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